BethM Hi, I noticed your location on Jodee's Poll

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kjan9, Sep 2, 2003.

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    Hi, Hope you don't feel invaded, but I noticed you live in the Mojave Desert. I live in Adelanto. Are you anywhere close? I'd kinda like to know cause I'd like to know about any info on local support groups and doctors around my area that could be some help!

    karen (kjan9)
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    I'm not Beth, I just thought I would bump this for you so she might see it.
    I myself have Driven through your Town many, many times, so I know where you live, and I was wondering, if you would answer a question for me.?

    I live in the Long Beach area, and our weather has been very weird lately, and it's been making me really Sick.

    I know that the High Desert Communities are having Thunderstorms, and of course the Flah Flooding these last few week's.
    My Question is , actually both you and Beth maybe able to answer,
    Does the ThunderStorms make you Hurt ? Can you feel the Thunderheads as they are approaching> May sound weird, but I swore to the Hubby the other day, last Wed? I think, that I could, Taste the air, and it was like just before a Storm. Not a cloud in the sky, But I had been hurtin very badly, and when it did finally Blow through here, it was such a Relief. It was a Quick Down pour, thank goodness.

    I just wondered if the Changeable weather bothered you as much? I have FMS/CMPD/OA and the combo makes me Hurt during the Winter months.
    I usually Thrive during the Summer months, but this year has been so Crazy, that I'm spending a lot of Down time, because of having to take my Pain med.s.
    My Neck and knee are throbing right now, and I just saw on the new's that there is another Thunderstorm warning for today.