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    also consulted my vet re your dog, and she told me that some vets do like to do the radiation, it depends on the vet.

    I also suggest you try asking at Cornell Vet School, Ithaca , NY they have a hot line for questions like this, or used to, they were helpful for me in the past.

    Let me know if you manage to get in touch wiht them, if problems post me direct and I will try and talk to soemone I know there.

    Good luck and many wags,

    Love Anne C
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  4. Cromwell

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  5. BethM

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    thank you so much. Disregard my post that I couldn't find this one, as you can see, I did.

    I think the vet I am going to is pretty aggressive in treating her patients, but she will have to work with me on this. I'll check the vet school referral you gave me, probably from work, since the home computer is down. It's my sister and b.i.l.'s machine, so I don't have much to say about it.

    You are, indeed, an angel.



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