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    Hey there,

    The other thread was getting too long so I started a new one to answer your ??'s.

    I have been going to the FFC since Sept. They aren't going slow with me, just normal, I suppose. I have Lyme disease and alot of co-infections.

    This is why it is taking me so long to get better. I have been sick for so long and am so glad to know what is wrong with me. I hate what it is, but at least I know now and have hope.

    I do feel some better, I do have more energy... I can walk up our stairs without wanting to die, I am sleeping a whole lot better at night and now have pain meds... so that part is better.

    When I first started the heparin, I felt worse after a few days with sore throat and fluish feelings, I had my infectious bloodwork drawn 2 weeks later and a bunch of things showed up!! The shots were hard at first but I got used to them quickly.

    I have a friend who got very sick at the FFC so I am glad that they are not being as aggressive as before. She was not able to handle everything so fast and it has set her back a little. I have faith that she will get it all straightened out.

    Sounds like you are taking it slowly and I am glad. When you are so severly sick, it takes along time for your body to heal. You may want to start taking milk thistle which helps your liver detox and sasparilla which helps detox your body.

    Good luck!!,
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    Thanks for starting this new thread and answering me, Dani. Yes, it seems to cost more taking longer, but if you have been sick a long time, I think it is necessary. I started my nutrients and meds slowly - one every few days, but still developed constant diarhhea and nausea. After challenging one at a time, found out it was the Nystatin so was able to go back to some of the other things like Maitake mushroom, glutathione and things I knew I needed.

    I had heard about the hypercoag problem back in 2000 when Dr. Berg first discovered it but could not find a doc to check for it. I used to have a good doc who believed in CFS but he retired 7 yrs ago (he is the one who found the high CMV) - really miss him. Even he would not do the test though. I have been researching again and this makes complete sense to me that treating the viruses and bacteria without clearing the fibrin deposits does no good. Are you getting treatment for the Lyme yet?

    I'm getting a little more comfortable now with the idea - was scared at first because of the women in my family and their blood clot problems. I have a pretty good sense of humor though, stubborn and have a supportive husband so just have to trust and get this done. It will be interesting to see what things show up in the panel.

    I may be whining and clingy a little around here from time to time. Hope you and others will understand. You are so sweet to write me back.

    I'm so glad you are doing better with the stairs (can relate to that.) It is wonderful to see some hopeful changes as time goes on I'm sure. I'm so glad you are seeing those already. Stay in touch and I will be thinking of you, Dani.

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