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    Hi Beth,

    Just checking on you to see how your day has been.

    Maybe we could go into the chatroom sometime at the same time, let me know when a good time for you would be and I will see if we can arrange a time!!

    What do you take for your pain now? DrB just prescribed me a pain gel from the ITC pharmacy, I'll let you know how that works, it is supposed to not make me 'loopy'

    Take care dear,
    you are in my prayers,
    p.s. my next FFC appt is April 3 at 1:30, you wouldn't be going that day would you?[This Message was Edited on 02/25/2006]
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    Hi Dani,
    I just happened to go on to the 2nd or 3rd page of messages and there was your message!!!! My, this board moves fast! Here I am on the computer this early in the morning. I am just now realizing my husband might be right. He keeps saying the major improvement since FFC for me is my memory, clarity and focus. Somehow this improvement was so gradual I did not even notice it. We had a friend over Friday night to eat, talk, and watch a movie. I actually was able to follow and take part in the conversation without fading so fast and getting neurological symptoms. Now the pain went through the roof and my balance was gone by bedtime but at least I could talk. Pain is better today.

    My next appt is March 13 and we start the heparin the 1st wk of April so I won't be there your appt date. Maybe the next time? I would love to get to chat and talk. Let me see if I can figure it out - have never used this one. My best time is 1pmC or 6-7pm. Most anytime really though is good for me. Any hints about working the chat? Pretty easy? Let me know. Would love that! BethW

    PS I tried the chat and got in fine but cannot type or think too fast.

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