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  1. SherylS

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    Montmorency cherry juice!! Has anyone else tried this? It is full of natural melatonin and seems to be helping my sleep a lot. You can find it in the refrigerated juice section at the grocery store. You need the concentrate...not the cherry is thick like cough syrup.

    This is the new protocol that is working for me. I take 1 or 2 TBsp of the cherry in water between 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. Then I take 1/2 capsule of Seriphos before dinner, about 6:00. I add 6 mg of amitriptyline at 8:00. I am in bed at 10:00 and asleep shortly after(unheard of for me). I have been getting 8 hours of sleep most nights, the most in years!

    I no longer need the Ambien or Klonopin, and way less amitriptyline. I have tried every type and dosage of melatonin before and it never worked. Hopefully this will continue.
  2. jaminhealth

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    and may have purchased the tart cherry juice made from these cherries...and looking online I see prices all over the place....trader joe's has a tart cherry juice made from Montmorency cherries for $3.99 for a glass quart....I think I've bought this juice a long time ago.

    I sleep good, but wake up stiff every day, of course...I've used cherry tart extract capsules over the years and not now...perhaps I'll get a bottle and do the afternoon protocol...I have my sleep combo too....

    Glad you are getting some sleep help. thanks for the tip...
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    I'm experimenting with a simple sleep remedy that is actually working for me.

    200 mg L-theanine and 2 mg prolonged-release melatonin about 15 mins prior to getting into bed, and 1 mg sublingual melatonin just before getting into bed. I get about 5 hours of solid sleep and then 3 to 4 hours of natural light sleep.
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    LadyCarol, glad it's working for you. We have to try so hard just to get some rest!!

    None of the melatonin capsules, tablets, or sublinguals at any dose work for me. Until the cherry juice. Interesting how we are all so different!
  5. jaminhealth

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    to whole foods (whole paycheck) as some of us call them and they don't carry the "thick" I called our coop and they do, it's Knudson, 8 oz for $4.49....could you tell me what brand you were able to get. I bought the other tart cherry juice and am diluting it 1/2 water 1/2 juice FOR NOW....thanks my dear. Our coop is on the other side of town as I'll probably get that in a day or so....I'm doing it for joint pain and stiffness...hoping...jam
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    town and 2 close to my home and neither one had the "thick" any brand....kinda shocking....our coop has the knudsen "thick" but don't know if they are the montmorency, which is what I want if I'm gonna do this.... trader joe's does use these cherries thou, so next time I'm over there I'll get that juice, but it's juice and not concentrate.....but I'll deal with it. jam
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    The brand I have is Nature Blessed
  8. jaminhealth

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    this brand here in so. cal. I just called the company and for a 32oz bottle shipped to me $30...I'm thinking on it.

    Thinking on these cherry products, I've done a log of search re: cherries and arthritis, etc....and for one thing the Montmorency cherry is not that easy to find, it's out there but not real available....Bernard Jensen has a cherry concentrate available too, so I'm looking at a lot...just wondering if the Mont.....cherry is that much better for say for OA than reason would be for arthritis sleep is pretty good and it can always improve true. I'm mostly likely going to get the Knudsen concentrate tomorrow and still don't know if it's the Mont....cherry....

    lots of reviews from people on cherry concentrate for many issues...[This Message was Edited on 04/29/2013]
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    I'm really glad to hear the l-theanine and melatonin are helping you with sleep. That's been part of my nightly protocol for several years, although I've never tried the prolonged release melatonin. Together they are a good combo!

  10. LadyCarol

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    Mary, what else do you use for your nightly protocol ?
    Do they help improve sleep above that of l-theanine and melatonin ?