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    Hi....Thanks for your reply about the hydrocortisone. I guess I'm in a confused state right now as to what (if anything) is helping. I opted off the hydrocort., and am now going through one those "bad times", then I wonder if maybe it did make me feel a little better. I know all people are different, but there must be alot of these people who have had experience in taking it.

    I will definately look into this Liver Massage. I live in a small upstate town and is usually hard to find things out of the ordinary. If you ever have a minute maybe you could elaborate a little on the procedure.

    Thanks again for your reply.
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    Hey there. So how is it going ? Are you takeing the Cortef/ or equivalent- or have you decided yet? HOPE your doing better.

    Also you had asked about a "liver massage" on the post and even though I am a massage therapist- I dont know what "Liver massage" is exactly. I think I have maybe, heard the term before, but it was talked about in reference along with anothe rmodality

    I am interested what this person does for the "Liver massage" ?

    ThanKs for answer to post too. Have a good day!

    karen/ the droopster, soon to be non- droopy

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