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  1. Kacjac

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    Hi there girl...
    I've been wanting to come in and let ya know how the appliance buy went, I'm going to try to type this out, I have the worse sinus headache I have ever had in my life!
    Well let me just say, it was one fiasco! You'll never believe what happened.....here it goes.......WELLL.....LOL
    The purchasing went fine, the girl that helped us, was a doll....the delivery, is what went crazy,they were suppose to call at 9 am to set up a delivery time, the call never came, so my hubby called them, come to find out (someone dropped the ball) and the driver said he didn't know anything about it till 1pm, so he says he bring our stuff, then calls back at 3pm, and say's he opened the box on the fridge, and the side of it was damaged, so he would have to drive to the next town, and see if they had one in stock,soooo 4 hours latter, when my husband is steaming, he's calls one of the Manager's of the store, and say's he doesn't know where his stuff is, but if its not in this house tonight, he will be there in the morning for a full refund! Thats when things really get hopin'
    She says "When you come in for the washer and dryer later, I'm gonna sell it to you, at my cost" "and thats with no delivery fee, and I'll reimburse you for this one"
    She also says they are on their way with our appliances!
    Oh, let me tell ya, this story gets better, they get here, my fridge won't fit in the spot my side by side was in....so my husband cuts off part of my cabinet, because I'm determined that "THAT" one is stayin' with me LOL
    It still didn't fit, he ended having to take out the cabinets beside it. yep,he did, then everything else was brought in, the freezer fit, the stove fit, but the over the range microwave was another all morning job, for my husband and son, it was an extremly tight fit! They are in now big, black and beautiful, I am so proud, and blessed too!
    And very excited! And no heavy cleaning on top of the stove no more, since I finally got my dream stove, a smooth range! I have been feeling some better, but my shoulder stays in constant pain now, im going to get a second opinion, and I will see the ENT , Monday for ear pain, but other than that, Im hangin' in there, no more sad days, its raining today, but will be sunny tomorrow.
    How are you doing?
    Let me know!
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  2. Kacjac

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    well I did just have this aweful headache, now its severe nausea,I feel like Im going up chuke! Im also freezing , if anyone reads this please pray for me. Im soooo sick! I don't know what kinda bug has got ahold of me!
  3. Kacjac

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    I can't believe how fast this came on me this evening!
    Its 8:30pm, Im going to bed, to get under the covers, and taking a phenagren tab. The headache has not budged!
    I'm worried.....
  4. bettydroop

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    Hey Sounds good ! Black appliances- NICE! I am sure your gonna enjoy for a long time.
    I assume you do alot of cooking and stuff, when you can of course.

    So sorry your feeling crummy today, I hope your better fast!Saturdays should be an easy day to relax an djust bum around-I think. I stay in my sweats- dont do much of anything. Trying to get some laundry done. Its so weird though, feeling like every ounce of energy is GONE from my body... like it has been drained out or something. Ugg. Boy , I DO get tired of this stupid stuff! I have so much too do I dont even know where to start. I know I dont need to tell anyone how that feels as I know I am not so unique in that. Sounds like I am "preaching to the choir as they say."

    Well, took my thyroid a few hours ago and now I can eat,so I will. lol.

    I hope you feel better and can cook up something good on that new stove of you rs!Is it hte kind where you dont have a burner type thing but its all flat -almost like one huge griddle except for "HOT SPOTS" where the regular burners would be?

    Bye for now, Karen

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