Beware eve primrose & borage users....

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    Greetings. For some reason the first time I tried posting this message it disappeared so if you see it somewhere that is why I redid it. I couldn't find it after I posted it.

    I read this today and became concerned about it. You guys are great at setting things straight. What do you think about this? Should we stop taking these?

    Evening Primrose Oil Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings
    There is mixed evidence for evening primrose and borage lowering the seizure threshold.
    - 2001 Dec;2(6):524-532 -- Herbal Medicines and Epilepsy: The Potential for Benefit and Adverse Effects. -- Spinella M.

    Use caution if pregnant or lactating.

    It may cause headaches or nausea if taken on an empty stomach, and diarrhea if taken in high doses.

    Evening Primrose 0il should not be used by patients with epilepsy or schizophrenia.

    I will check back ASAP to see what you all say about this. In the meanwhile I will stop taking them just in case. I sure don't like the sound of this lowering our seizure threshold. That can't be good for us. I thank you in advance for your invaluable help. My best to you all. CLD

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    The Evening Primrose has been recommended for many years for PMS symptoms, and was recommended by to me by an M.D. for CFS/FM...I have been on it for about 8 years...there always seems to be a downside when one finally finds things that do some good..

    These are essential fatty acids, which your body would produce if our diets had unadulterated food substances..I would not think it would be a risky supplement unless you took megadoses of it, which makes anything potentially harmful...

    Hi CLD...been out of commission for several days..I wondered if you have found a good T/1 T/2 shifter?

    Have a good day,
    ~~Amelia~~[This Message was Edited on 05/07/2003]
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    Nink: Thanks - yes - I knew I had told Paul Mark in his thread and then after that I posted this subject for the board to see but the first time I did it for the board to see as a topic it disappeared so I did it again. I guess I will need to take some time to research this subject more thoroughly. LOL what else is new. Everytime I turn around I have to do more research. Its becoming a daily routine. Too bad we can't make a living at it to help with our medical costs. LOL

    Amelia: Welcome back. I thought of you a lot and was hoping you would start feeling better and be back. I am recovering from a dental apptmt. yesterday. The tooth that had the huge amalgam removed a couple weeks ago had to have a crown prep yesterday. Oh my was awful. The nerve didn't totally go under and whenever he deep drilled it would make me jump with pain. My muscles are so sore today from the tension. I bought a bottle of Thorne OLE on the way home because I *think it is stronger than the ProHealth brand. *At least that is my perception at this time. I am taking four of them a day to fight bacteria and my arms and legs are burning again like before when I was using it. My root canal tooth quit hurting again. When I use OLE faithfully 4 capsules a day it feels okay but if not it starts aching again. Klutzo said it may be condensing osteitis so as you recall I got the book The Root Canal Cover-Up from the library. After I read it I was ready to march right down to the dentist and have him pull it. So I asked him about it yesterday and he said I would have to have an oral surgeon do the removal and cavatation procedure under anesthesia. It is going to cost big bucks so I have to wait. That means I cannot fail to take OLE or the bacteria mount up and through the bloodstream invade other weak areas in my body. Pericarditis is one of the common problems from this among a list of them. I still have trouble with my left chest -heart area whenever the tooth flares up so I'm wondering about this. Golly Miss Molly. Wish I had the bucks to be thoroughly explored by the right doctors so they could treat me and I could get well. Dreaming.

    Here is an interesting quote from that book for you:
    "Patients who had root canal fillings but didn't become ill were found to have particularly good defense mechanisms which controlled bacteria and thereby prevented infections from being transferred to their organs and tissues. In other words, their white blood cells and other immune system activities were able to engulf and control the number of bacteria that were escaping from their teeth."

    Otherwise my dear we are a cooked goose. Our immune system cannot keep up with the bacteria so root canal filling is like a poison bullet in our body emitting bacteria to weak areas. There is a whole big explanation about why you cannot sterilize and keep a root canal filling from turning toxic and how the bacteria trapped in this lack of oxygen space mutate into smaller bacteria emitting more toxic toxins than normal bacteria. The dentin is made up of tubules that if were laid out would be 3 miles long. It is so porous that there is no way to prevent bacteria from growing in the tubules. It is all so futile. Dr. Price used rabbits (poor things) for research and imbedded the root canal tooth from sick patients under the rabbits skin. Everytime the rabbit would get sick and most commonly with the same sickness his patient was afflicted with. He even tried healthy teeth in these rabbits and they didn't get sick. Well, this book is so convincing you'll just have to read it and tell me what you think. Maybe you can shoot down his research but I stood in awe and horror.

    As far as the TH1/TH2 shifter. I really don't know what to tell you. I haven't spent time on it lately and I can't remember what I learned before about it. I will have to review my notes, etc. The brain is fried. I am on IAG larch tree which is suppose to be a great immune booster according to my very smart naturopath. I'm not sure if it is a good TH1/TH2 shifter. Somewhere I was reading about native indians using it but I can't remember now. Isn't L-Theanine beneficial. Sorry, can't be more helpful.

    Hubby just came in. I need to talk to him so I will end this for now. My best to you. CLD
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    I think I must have built up a tolerance for the brand, was using (Prohealth), because it stopped working..At first, it could have been blamed to some extent on the escalation of symptoms from period, but it lasted..

    So, I bought a different brand, and immediately, the sinus/migraine mill stopped and has remained so for a few days..Had a really rough period, this time, so thought better to hibernate for awhile..

    I have so many books on my plate, right now..haven't had time to find that one, but sounds appallingly, interesting..another depressing situation, though..This is Hal Huggin's land, here, but the almagam removal could be as harmful as leaving the fillings there..Is this a similar situation?

    Well, can't get my brain to handle that, yet...
    Hope you will feel better, soon,

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    Hi Amelia,
    Well, you know my naturopath has Hal Huggins information in his office and I did read it last Nov. He convinced me to get the amalgams out but I am not able to afford it. The one I just did was an emergency as it broke. The others have to wait. But yes, to your question. It sounds like the way the mercury leaks into your body from the amalgam fillings is quite similar to the way the bacteria leaks into the bloodstream from root canal fillings. So we have a mouthful of evil! What next! Good thing we have OLE.

    That is so interesting that the Pro Health brand you were on quit working for you. Did you keep increasing your dose?

    I've got to get some more books to read. There is nothing like just reading on these subjects to educate ourselves. There are several books I want to read that our library system doesn't have so I will have to purchase them. I need to get online and find the best deals. Well, hope you find some good info. in your readings. Did you see the excellent article Pat Palmer posted today on OLE. I printed it out to let my family read it.

    How is your gardening going? The slugs ate most of the radishes sprouts leaves so we had to replant them. I hate using slug bait, etc. but I found some from Gardens Alive that seems pretty harmless. We tried beer trays but they were not effective. Maybe our slugs are teetotalers?

    My best to you, CLD