Beware not a Herx, ADRs to Antibiotics

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    I have been reading quite a lot of the posts and noticed that a lot of the reactions people are suffering from antibiotics are not Herxs.

    I have also been told I also suffer from Lyme Disease, and realize that many were taking antibiotics from the fluqoroquinolones or quinolones family not realizing that many of the long term side effects are in fact no Herxes.

    If you look at this forum, where it lists all the ADRs of the fluoroquinolones and quinolones antibiotics, you will be familiar with all the symptoms!!!! The antibiotics such as Cipro, Flagyl, Metro, Levaquin, and more...

    Recently, I even had a nasty unlisted ADR to amoxycillin. There is no previous history to amoxy reaction. Amoxy is not a quinolones, but nevertheless, the symptoms lasted for many months.

    A good site where all the information about the adverse reactions which includes a most of our symptoms, are listed here. The site is not a forum and purely for information. I believe it was set up by either a pharmacologist or toxicologist, who himself suffered an ADR making him very ill. These side effects can be long lasting and very damaging. this is for to check your symptoms against the ADRs. The second site is a forum. It is informative, and has a live chatroom on Thursday nights. It is well moderated, and provides diverse threads including advocacy, and chilling out threads such as for music, humour, and so forth. or you can try

    As far as I am concerned, this was life saving and taught me about making well informed choice for antibiotics....

    You can check the forum without joining.

    I am posting as much as possible. So many of us fell ill follwing an infection or surgery. And also, so many of us did not realize at the time, that Fluoroquinolones antibiotics can and do cause debilitating illness and long lasting dammage. I would urge you to read this and go on the site to compare symptoms and you will find many of you can relate.

    I have also joined the forum for tips and exchange of info. There is also a live chat on Thursdays. The board is well moderated and as well as being serious, there are kool topics and threads.
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    but regardless, I agree it can be difficult to know the difference between a reaction to a med or a herx. Other bacteria than Lyme dying will produce a herx.

    My son who most definitely has Lyme according to the CDC's surveillance standards alone did well with Levaquin for one month likely because he appears to have bartonella as well, besides babesia. When he started the next pulse of abx, yes, he did suddenly react badly in a different way that was hard to know what was going on. His doctor of course told him to stop immediately, and not take anything for several weeks to let his system rest.

    While of course he never tried another abx in that family due to this, the somewhat maddening thing is that the month after that was and has been one of the best months he's experienced in terms of mental clarity...

    Regardless of whether something is RX'd or is herbal, or is another alternative, all kinds of reactions are possible; I have seen my son, myself, and others go thru this, regardless of type of treatment.

    The thing is, no matter the treatment choice, there is always a risk that has to be weighed; which is why informed choice is a good thing.
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    did you realize that?