Beware of Cumanda

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by bunnyfluff, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. bunnyfluff

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    I added Cumanda to my protocol based on some things I had read on the web. I was having some bad side effects, including wanting to inflict pain on just about everyone who crossed my path. I spoke to my LLMD about this, and he has worked directly w/ Cowden for years to help develop protocols.

    He told me that Cumanda is "imprinted" with Rife frequencys, and that it is literally causing the Lyme to 'explode" in my system, setting off a toxic mess my body cannot clean up! he also said that many ppl have been documented going crazy, and doing permanent damage to their bodies.

    I told him that I would pass this on, and I have since stopped using it. I am feeling much better and entirely more tolerant.

    Just FYI,
  2. wld285

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    Now if I can remeber that, for more than today!
  3. Duesouth

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    Thanks for the info. I tried Cumanda for the first time last month and was feeling very bad so I quit taking it. Glad I did too. I didn't have the symptoms you spoke about but may have if I had stayed on the stuff. I wonder if it would be safe if you didn't have the symptoms you described?
  4. cherylsue

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    This certainly gives me something to think about. I've been on cumanda since July and certainly herxed a great deal on it. I worked up to 15 drops twice daily after 3 months. Then I gradually worked up to 19 drops twice daily, but dropped to 16. I had been working with a naturopath I met online who said cumanda and samento have helped her recover from Lyme.

    I've made the most progress on this disease using doxycycline which I started last month, but I still have bouts of malaise, fatigue, and burning skin.

    I've been wondering about continuing the cumanda, and your notice is making me take up and notice.

    If I remember correctly, you are from Texas? I think Dr. Sharp took over Cowden's practice, if my memory serves me. Is he your doctor. I see a Lyme specialist in Springfield, MO.

    What does it mean imprinting on Rife frequencies and exploding? Also, does cumanda do permanent damage on our bodies? LLMD Dr. H of New York is an enthusiast of Cowden's protocol, yet here's another opinion. Hmmmmmm?

    I do have problems clearing toxins, and my LLMD says that is what is making me still sick? Maybe, I need to take a vacation from cumanda.

    Please tell me more.


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