Beware of Paul Whitcomb South Lake Tahoe

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    Please please do your research before spending minimual of $7,000 plus 2 month hotel fee, meal and probably airfair.
    There is a very very strong chance that your relief will not last more than 6 weeks once you come home! You neck simply will not hold. You are not told this - his warm personality (my thought was sheep in big wolfs clothing) has you feel at ease.
    Did you ever wonder why his office does not finance??? As a office employee said - huh - he knows they will default on him... The method simply do not work.
    Those of you that are under his spell will think that my words are evil. My words are the truth
    deceiving very ill people that is what is very very wrong.
    He is becoming very rich off of a treatment which does not truly work.

    You have been give the truth - again please do your research on Paul Whitcomb South Lake Tahoe. SCAM ALERT
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    There are so many out there taking advantage of our situation. It makes me so angry when your ill and will do anything to get better to have these sharks out there taking our money and driving there luxury cars and million dollar houses. I feel the same way about FFC which was a complete rip off for me, like I have the money to lose.

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    the members of this board truly are!

    We are always looking out for each other......

    TY for letting us know this important information.....this potentially could save may of us thousands of dollars which most of us do not have in the first place!