Beware of potential stalker app on some phones

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    IMPORTANT INFO TO BE AWARE OF: Below is a video from CNN about some apps appearing on some cell phones. If you get a family cell phone plan, some plans allow for apps that will allow the person getting the family plan to get an app that will monitor the other phones in the family (first accessing those other phones, probably before giving them out or when you are sleeping to make the accept the family plan head and his control).

    It will acess the address books of all phones on the plan PLUS reveal the exact street address of where you are anytime the person who heads the family plan wants to know. It's great to track your kids. BUT the problem is if you have a bad boyfriend, a jealous spouse, or an abusive spouse. Then this app could cause a real problem in your life and become a "stalker app."

    One of the things that can be done is to place a "lock" on your phone and not give out that password to anyone. Or you can refuse to go on someone else's cell phone plan and stay on your own plan to keep all your info to yourself. WATCH THE VIDEO.

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