Beware of test results...........

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by caroleye, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. caroleye

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    I've had false negatives in the past for Lupus, so I'm always keeping tabs on other test results. Recently a Dr. started prescribing things that I knew showed "normal" on my results. Stupid me decided to try a few of them, since they were natural; and sure enough had reactions.

    Had an abnormal thyroid stimulating test results, indicating I was hypERthyroid. Well that's a joke because I've been dx w/hypothyroid for over 10 years, and was actually "underdosing" my thyroid.

    I don't have one symptom of being "hyper", and I know that "too much thyroid" feeling during my experimental stage. Dr. did say it could be transient, but will retest down the road "just because" she mentioned other possibilities.

    Just scary how very educated/responsible we have to be in order to keep ourselves as comfortable as possible.

  2. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    to feel you have to educate someone who went to school to supposedly know more than myself. I hate the question from a doc; What do you think it is"? If we know too much they seem to lean towards hypocondriac because you read so much about illness. I only read because I am being dismissed by my own doc. Endless route. Only a handful docs seem to be willing to learn about new things from their patients that have been researching, others seem insulted, or ignore what you're saying. Still hoping to find that doc!

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