Beware of what Dr.'s tell you Venting

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by caroleye, Jul 13, 2006.

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    Well I guess there will always be those Docs who need to have complete control to build their egos.

    Venting here..........had back pain for 2 months so had to see a new Dr. to get a referral to try p.t.

    She had absolutely no compassion for auto-immune conditions; don't think she knows what fibromalgia is, and insisted over & over that I start walking alot.

    When I told her "several times" that walking induces my interstitial cystitis, she looked at me like what the "h" is that!! Before I left, she again told me to start walking.........

    Oh, and here's the best one.........told her I'd just been tested by my rheumy & everything showed "normal". She said "all" tests will show abnormal if you've got the problem.........yep, and what school did she go to.

    End of story & of "her"!! Thanks for listening
    Grrrrrrrrr........she just couldn't handle "my" truth & knowledge. She just gave me more stress! Congrats "Doc"!

  2. Scapper

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    Sorry to hear you were so invalidated by this doctor.

    All of the ignorance surrounding this illness can be so emotionally draining. There's nothing like the feeling of being understood -- thanks for bringing it here where you don't even have to explain, we just know!!!

    Hang in there and let this doctor's ignorance pass through you so you can get your needs met by someone who can!

    Hope your back feels better very soon :)