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  1. Annie06

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    Has anyone out there tried "Bextra" it is a new med. for arthritis...... and what sort of side affects???? Hugs to everyone!

    Annie 06
  2. halogirl

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    I have been taking Bextra for about month since I swichted to a new rheumy. It has almost completely taken all the morning stiffness away (there have been a few mornings I have had no stiffness. I had terrible pain in my foot and ankle to the point I would limp on it especially after sitting for awhile and I would say that the Bextra has taken away about 90% of that pain. I notice that I am not as achey. hope this helps...take care....Blessings........
  3. Meowoink

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    ....bextra can cause SEVERE liver damage. Make sure you are monitored while taking this drug......