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  1. faith30

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    I was put on bextra by a new internist. He also put me on skelaxin. I've had FM since 96. Does anyone have any info on bextra?
  2. IngyW68

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    I am also on Skelaxin and the Dr. gave me samples of Bextra. I came home and looked Bextra up on Web MD and there was a front page article on some very dangerous side effects on this medicine. It has only been around 8 months and they are still unsure of all the side effects. The most serious and fatal was a rare skin disorder that actual deteriorates the skin until it gets through to the organs and blood vessels.

    I know that there are side effects with each medication but since this is so new, I decided not to be the trial person and am not taking it. I guess I like medicine that has been around for awhile and is more researched. It's like the Phen-Phen stuff, when that came out, so many people took it without the medical community doing enough research on it, now people have died and hundreds of thousands of others have heart problems.

    That's just my two cents for what it is worth:) I hope you have luck with whatever you take and you get some pain relief.

    Take care,

  3. 2girls

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    Faith30 - I am new to Bextra as well (Doc rx'ed on Tuesday). I am skeptical as to whether or not this will work, since FM is a non inflammatory disorder/syndrome. I have taken 1 x 10mg for the past two days - no difference, but maybe it is too soon to tell.
    Look up Bextra above on "search messages". There are a few posts on the subject.

  4. srollins

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    I have been taking Bextra for some time now. I had no side effects that I could feel, however as far as it's effectivenst,I have not seen any noticable improvement at all other than for the pain that I know to be Arthritis.
    If you don't have any inflamation I feel very comfortable suggesting that you not take it if you are uncomfortable about it unless you do have some inflamation.
    Sometimes I think the Drs.really do want to help and they give us samples just to make it look like they are trying to help.LOL Sometimes in our situation you have to go with your gut. You know you won't die if you decide not to take.You know what I mean, it's not like it's insulin or something like that.
    It will be interesting to see if anyone else has an opinion.
    Take care
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    for a couple of months. My osteo doc started me on 10 mg daily, then increased it to 20 (said he got new info from the drug company that said 20mg was the *most effective therapeutive dose*), but it did nothing for me. It's an anti-inflammatory med. You can get read the side effects and other info on it if you search for rxlist online.

  6. FibroNan

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    My Rheumatologist prescribed 10 mg. 1 per day which did absolutely nothing. Now he's raised it to 20 mg. 1 per day, which hasn't been effective either, except for OA pain, but not FM. Bextra is an NSAID and I don't have much in the way of inflamation. I'm going to ask him about Ultram when I go back on May 5th. Oh yeah, just wanted to add that I've had no bad side effects from Bextra.