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    I keep my comfort box around me all the time. Btw this is a great gift idea. A few yrs ago I realized my world had becoming so small and I hated it because I was a social butterfly, at one time, now I`m lucky to get to the store, if I can find it,lol. Lost most of my friends and family for all the usual reasons with chronic illness,people are good on short term stuff but long term, especially our"suppossed invisible",not to us, our world changes from enjoyment to spending most of our time just to feel better. Anyway I felt to keep myself from depression, a battle with such a change in every aspect of my life. I have things around me that help me feel good. Such as I keep up Christmas gifts all yr.,ones from my sister with special hallmark greetings,also special items from friends, next to my special place,The Recliner,before fibro could have cared less about recliner,now how would some us get by without one,thank you lazy-boy or who ever created this object. , I keep my dads cologne, I put it under my nose, since he died, makes me feel he is close. I look outside at the skies and the water where I watch the dolphins to give me some hope and peace to get through the day. I have made a laugh list,these are things that have happened in my life or have seen that make me laugh. Every time I remember a incident I write it down so I don`t forget---------. Picture`s of course of happier times or people that have touched my life in a positive way. Try to catch the sunset, fortunately alot of this is around that chair, or my nest as the kids call it. I have candles and sents that give me pleasure everywhere. All in all I have decorated my whole house as a comfort box. Since I have to spend way more time than I care to in here. I have seascape stuff everywhere,created painted faux walls, because it is relaxing to me. Just some added tips or ideas to create your own everyday special box. Let`s face it many of us live in one right now. Any other tips are helpful. I do creative decorating so I could go on but won`t bore your tired minds anymore than I have. Good Luck on looking around you! Sent with love&peace