BIAXIN and nausea --help please!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karatelady52, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    Has anyone who has taken or is taking Biaxin struggle with nausea? I've been on it for about 3 weeks and always feel that underlying nausea with some days worse and some a little better.

    I'm trying to figure out if this is herxing or just my
    body not doing well with the antibiotic.

    Also, I'm taking the Heparin shots, and hope to eventually take the Samento and Cumanda if I can get adjusted to the Biaxin.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    The first time I took it was around 1995, and I did it on an empty stomach and I had such pain I thought I would have to go to the ER. It only lasted about 15 minutes, though.

    Take it with food and I'd call the doctor too because you shouldn't be suffering for 3 weeks like this.

    I had the beginnings of FMS. Was never sick with a sinus infection like the doctor thought. I think I was on it for 7 or 10 days. After the first time of taking it, I always had food and didn't have anymore problems.

    I did find out that I wasn't supposed to take this med because of an interaction with another medicine, Propulsid, which is off the market now to most people.

    I hope I'm able to help you some. Remember this was a long time ago for me.

    Big hugs,
  3. redsox10

    redsox10 New Member

    HI Sandy,

    My daughter was taking this for 8 months. If she did not take it with food she would feel the nausea. Not real sick but it was there.

    Are you taking probiotics? Make sure you take them 2 hours before or after the antibiotics.

    Hope this helps.
  4. dontlikeliver

    dontlikeliver New Member

    Plus, plain yogurt every day PLUS probiotics.

    I was on it close to 10 months, no problems, but I did do the above.

    Any antibiotics can cause nausea as a side-effect (it's not an allergy) hopefully it'll pass.
  5. Jo29

    Jo29 New Member

    Hi, I can't take Biaxin. It didn't cause nausea, but severe diareah sp?. This is a horrible thing to say, but the whole pill came out the other end. It did me absolutely no good. I don't suffer from nausea much in my life.

    Biaxin is now on my list of meds that I can't take.

  6. Txslady

    Txslady New Member

    I took 3 doses with food and thought I was going to die. I had severe stomach cramps and was throwing up. It also caused dry mouth with and awful taste I couldn't get rid of. It has been 3 weeks and I am just starting to recover from this medication. The doctor gave me Carafate to help with the recovery from this medication. I will never take it again.
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  7. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    Thanks so much for the information. I'm headed out to the health food store to buy some ginger tea.

    Also, I called Dr. B's office and they are going to have me try another 2 antibiotics together (oh boy) because they aren't strong enough by themselves as the Biaxin.

    These meds are Zithromax and Ceftan (not sure of spelling).
    Hopefully, they won't do the same thing.

    I told our nurse, Brenda, that I had read articles on the net about people using only Samento and Cumanda w/o the ABX but she said it would take a lot longer to get rid of the Lyme that way.

  8. LottieWilkins

    LottieWilkins New Member

    Just to add one more, Sandy. I got so nauseous with Biaxin (couldn't keep anything down), and dreadful lightheadedness, dizziness, etc., that I was taken to the ER. From then on I have simply listed with all my doctors that I am "allergic" to it.
  9. dontlikeliver

    dontlikeliver New Member

    that I have gone through lightheadedness, feeling like I was going to die, nausea and diarrhea, fever and body aches with each new antibiotic. It was a herx and you feel like you will die. (and become usually emotional, etc also).

    That has never lasted 3 weeks like that though.

    I am much better now. (i.e. over time, each herx has consequently brought better health).

  10. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    I picked up my 2 new meds - Zithromax and Ceftan so we'll see how they do.

    Dontlikeliver: I didn't think 3 weeks of nausea would be a herx but wasn't sure. Thanks for the tip on the yogurt. I'm taking Primal Defense for probiotics.

    Jenny: I also picked up the ginger root tea at my health food store.

    I'm looking for that light at then end of the tunnel!
    I appreciate everyone's input.

  11. tansy

    tansy New Member

    that enabled me to continue taking even a low dose of doxy a while ago was primal defense, 4 caps a day worked for me.

    I have had severe long-term herxing and finally realised, in my case, it was counterproductive. Whilst herxing might be considered a sign treatments are working I think we have to be sure the treatment we are on is not causing more die off than the body can handle, or we are unable to tolerate the antimicrobial agents being used.

    I have read reports on problems tolerating Biaxin elsewhere, so if it is the biaxin you are by no means the only one. It took some of them a while to recover from using biaxin just as txslady has described.

    Although the high dose long term ABx for lyme etc advocates won’t agree, I think high bacterial loads might need to be lowered prior to using anything this powerful. These infections have an adverse effect upon on us globally, making it more difficult for our bodies to cope with the challenge of so many bio, endo, and neurotoxins being released at a fast rate. I experienced something similar when breaking down fibrin build up; it took me four months before I even started to recover from the adverse consequences of that. Fortunately during that time I also felt some benefits so that made it easier to cope with and ride out.

    I know the alternatives are said to take longer, but they may well end up being quicker in the long run. The amount taken at any given time can be adjusted according to how things go, and they can work at low doses unlike some ABx that have to used in high doses to have any real effect.

    There are many options, just as there are with ABx, and ABx combos. Now that more are being Dx and treated, larger numbers of successes and failures should lead to protocols evolving which have a higher % of success across the board.

    I have not totally discounted using ABx myself, but I know I have problems with many of them other than purely die off. So far I have not seen the need to add them in, if I do I hope it won’t have to be for as long as I frequently see being reported.

    Good luck, hope you find the best protocol for you personally soon. I hate nausea so hope this passes soon.

    Love, Tansy

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  12. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    I've only been taking Primal Defense twice a day so I'll up that to 4.

    I agree with you and if I just can't do these ABx's then I'm all for going the other route. Its just too miserable to feel this way day after day.

    What other alternatives do you know about for Lyme that will work with the Samento and Cumanda? Of course, Heparin is supposed to be taking care of my fibrin buildup along with the Lumbrokinase.

    Thanks for your exertise --- I appreciate it.


  13. sofy

    sofy New Member

    Im on biaxin again and it causes me no problem but I always take it with food and lots of water. When I was on the tetracycline, hi doses, for 4 months I thought the nasua would stop me from taking it until I found an answer.

    I eat a no yeast diet to keep from getting the runs and take plenty of probiotics.

    When taking the tetra I finally decided to try an all natural anti nasua - ginger. I grind up fresh ginger and mix it with organic sweet potato and virgin organiccoconut oil. I boil the sweet potato, skin and then drain so all that sickening sweet syrup drains off.

    Then I mix plenty of ginger and coconut oil with the sweet potato. I put it in a cooler beside the bed so I could take in early am and not have to get up. I always took at least 8 oz of water. Probably only took about 1/3 of a cup + or -

    This stopped all the nasua right away. I had to leave out the mid day dose but took the evening dose the same way and this kept me going for the whole 4 months with no trouble.

    I ground up lots of ginger at once and then froze it flat in small snack baggies. This allows you to break off however much you want when you need it and you dont have to deal with the mess and energy of grinding it up frequently.

    Good luck
  14. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    That's a great idea!

    If I have similar problems with these new ABx's I will definitely give it a try.

    Your idea about freezing the ginger is good too. I buy it and end up wasting a lot of it.

  15. tansy

    tansy New Member

    "Healing Lyme: Natural Prevention and Treatment of Lyme Borreliosis and Its Coinfections" by Stephen Harrod Buhner that not only covers possible alternatives/natural therapies but gives some excellent science based information as well. Can’t give you a personal opinion since I have only just ordered it and in the UK it takes several weeks. However, I have read some encouraging feedback on it.

    I understand the reasoning behind Lee Cowden’s latest update to his samento protocol, many of us have problems detoxing, not just the die off but other bio toxins as well. Klinghardt also uses alternatives and will only Rx ABx if he thinks they are absolutely necessary. David Jernigan uses energy-based alternatives that should be easier to tolerate, especially in these early stages of treatment.

    I am using natto now as my main agent for controlling fibrin, it's proving a lot better than the others I used, adding turmeric once a found a source my GI tract would tolerate seems to have helped as well. I still take a maintenance dose of bromelain and digestive enzymes between meals. Recently temps went high enough to set off my coagulation issues again; I coped better than I have for years even though I was having an iffy time with die off etc.

    love, Tansy
  16. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member


    I just ordered Stephen Harrod Buhner's book. I already have Beating Lyme Disease by Jernigan.

    How is the natto you are using to break up fibrin different from the Lumbrokinase?

    I also use digestive enzymes but haven't been using bromelain. I'll have to get some.

    How long have you been treating yourself (I could look back on your posts) and where are you in recovery compared to when you began?

    I appreciate your help. I'm really thinking of not using the ABx's since I am totally miserable using them whether it is because die-off is too strong or that my body just can't tolerate them --- either way, I have to be able to function --- right? I like the idea of cutting back when die-off is too strong which you can't do with the ABx.


  17. dontlikeliver

    dontlikeliver New Member

    I take 6 Primal Defense a day, plus 4 Solgar Acidophilus 40+, I chew 2 after brushing teeth in the AM and 2 in the PM after brushing again.

    It is important to follow Dr B's oral hygiene routine to prevent yeast starting in the mouth, which then will quickly travel down the gut with every swallow if not prevented from growing in the first place.
  18. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    I hadn't heard of Dr. B's oral hygiene routine. Is there a reason why you take the P.D. along with Solgar acidolphilus -- because its chewable maybe?

    Definitely need to check into that also.

    Thanks ~~ Sandy
  19. tansy

    tansy New Member

    breaks down fibrin and just as importantly prevents the formation of new fibrin build up; turmeric helps with the latter as well. Both also have anti-inflammatory actions which many of us find help. Bromelain was very effective at breaking down the long-term build up of fibrin initially but I have personally found natto better this summer especially when it goes above 75 degrees. I am less well informed on how natto compares with Lumbrokinase though.

    Some doctors who used heparin before are now trying out natto first. I think choice of agents to break down and control fibrin will depend upon the extent of build up, and the triggers for setting if off.

    I have been ill for over 22 years, 2 years prior to that questionable surgery triggered health issues that I finally understand. Since my childhood I had related problems but always recovered, these cannot be explained by lyme, but did involve problems I had with vaccines, other infections and toxins.

    Self-treating was successful in terms of various symptoms, that helped make the toxins and infections issues clearer and more obvious. Since my samento-based protocol and important changes in my self-help measures I have made noticeable progress. I look much better and I am stronger. I had a PT appt yesterday, and when discussing my disability issues it made me realise how much progress I had made and how much lower my day-to-day pain levels are now too.

    For 17 years I have had to use a powered wheelchair that has a shaped neck support and a specialist seat cushion to help me sit almost all of the time. In a country where ME/CFS (original Dx) is not taken seriously I actually qualified for disabled facilities in my home many years ago.

    Now on good days I can manage to get around my home without a wheelchair, I can use a good office style chair to sit at the computer, and do a lot more for myself than I have for years. I have more stamina, don’t feel so dreadfully sick all the time, look well for the first time in decades, my brain fog is much improved,+ + +.

    Pacing now has a more positive effect than before so long rest periods are only needed during die off etc. My good days are better and I have more of them. If I had known when a looked for new solutions, what I know now, this level of progress would have happened earlier.

    Love, Tansy
  20. dontlikeliver

    dontlikeliver New Member

    Yes, you don't want to chew Primal Defense - YUK! :)

    The Solgar Acidophilous is chewable (capsule).

    If you read Dr B's guidelines (available on the ILADS SITE) you will see the bit about oral hygiene routine and it it is VITAL if you're on antibitiotics, to immediately either eat (and swish around mouth) plain yogurt, and/or chew some Acidophilous capsules to replenish good bacteria in mouth otherwise bad bacteria and yeast will take over immediately, they are opportunists.


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