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    Hi Everyone! I was reading on the Fibromyalgia board on how a lot of people (including myself) were having a hard time getting to church on Sundays.

    Well, I started thinking about these bible studies I had written for new (or not so new!) believers. I had quite a few people tell me that they really helped them out.

    If anyone is interested I would be glad to send them to you a few at a time. I think I have 30 or so. You can do them according to your own speed and they are non-denominational.

    It would give me something to do and keep you involved at the same time!

    Let me know if anyone is interested.
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    You can sign up for any number of Bible studies at their website. If you want, they will send the little booklets with an inspiration and suggested readings for each day. It's supposed to get one through the Bible in a year. The booklet is called, "Daily Bread." They also have an e-newsletter. There is no cost for any of this, but if you want, you can make a donation.

    Love, Mikie