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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by kathyh1, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. kathyh1

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    Hi i have just begun bicillin injectios,has anyone been on them/

    I had my second shot today boy do they hurt,I think I will take 2 tyneol before I get them,Thank God it is only 2 times aweek or you would have a sore black and blue butt,I hope they really start to kill these buggers.

    I am hoping that they will start to help the pain It is unbelivable what we have to go through to get better,we should be in the hospital getting taken care of maybe someday when the infectious diease docs relize how stupid they were others years from now will be treated with dignity instead of someone that is crazy and needs antidepressants and told it is all in your head,exercise and a nice walk willhelp.

    Thanks for listening tomy babble
  2. Chootik

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    What are Bicillin Shots??

    I'm new to this Lyme thing, and right now I'm on a herbal protocal with "Cumanda, Burbur and Samento".

    If you get a chance tell me more about this..

    Thanks and hope the shots work and you get better soon :)
  3. kellyann

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    I just started the bicillin shots. I give myself the shots. Do you? I will take my second shot tommorrow. They do hurt. I hope they work. I can stand the pain if they work. It is a huge needle that comes with the shots.

  4. nyssagirl

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    My Naturopath has decided to start me on Bicillin shots. They are so spendy!! She said they are $55.00 a shot and I will get them twice a week. She said insurance wouldn't cover them. I will have to pay to get the injections done, as I can't do them myself. I am in a dilema about it now. It will be for three months, that is a lot of money on the old Visa, that I finally got paid off. You are so right, about wanting to be treated with dignity, instead of being treated like crazy people!!! I so agree with you, I hope the day comes when we can get help paying for some treatment for this REAL disease!! We need it. We suffer enough as it is.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    others get the bicillin from a feed store ( veteranarian
    supplies ) w/o prescription, and they ARE EXTREMELY CHEAP . THE DRUG IS EXACTLY THE SAME , though you would adjust dosage . There is NO DIFFERENCE IN THE DRUG . Bicillin is bicillin , whether for a pet or a human .
  6. nyssagirl

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    Oh, my gosh, that is something. My PA here ordered my shots through the pharmacy here. Insurance didn't cover it. However, it was $306 for 10 shots, so it wasn't as bad as I had thought. I am hoping since my Dr. is giving me the injections, they might be covered by insurance. Probably not, though, one can always hope. Tomorrow is my first one and then every tuesday and Friday morning. Hope they work!
  7. nyssagirl

    nyssagirl New Member

    My first shot didn't hurt a bit, but the second one did!! Hope they are worth it!!
    Good luck!