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  1. bandwoman

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    Hi everyone,

    I have probably the biggest concert of the year for me tomorrow. I have to do lots of talking and entertaining etc. My elementary band will perform for the school tomorrow afternoon and I need to have lots of energy and be enthusiastic and interesting. (Challenging when you are worn out) We will then present the same concert at night to the parents.

    I have a great bunch of kids and I know that they should do well. I guess my prayer is that they will do well and I will have lots of energy.

    I have an autistic child who I am somewhat concerned whether he will have an outburst during the concert. I would appreciate your prayers regarding this situtation as well. He is a good musician actually but when stressed has very inappropriate outbursts which could prove to be quite embarassing for all of us if this happened in the middle of the concert.

    I hope you are all doing well. It is almost Spring. Hang in there everyone. I am still praying for all of you during my morning bubble bath time!

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    Yes, I know the stress before a big concert, being a musician myself. I still do a lot of accompanying for recitals and I don't get nervous about playing. But if I have to speak, that can be the nerve-wracking part. I sure don't say much at my students' recitals!

    I will pray for you to be calm and at ease and for your son to be extra quiet and attentive at the concert.

    Good luck and break a leg!
  3. caffey

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    Already done!! You go girl!!
  4. bandwoman

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    The autistic child is one of my students not my own child.

    I am single and not married. There could be talk. LOL

  5. Asatrump

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    You will do fine sweetie....... but the next day you will be pooped for sure. In my husbands band he has 3 special ed students, and there is an aide who physically sits right next to those kids pointing out each measure. They are in the band at the insistence of the parents, not because of any inate musical ability. One of his needs help putting the clarinet together each rehearsal, really can't play a single note, and this is grades 7&8.

    Two programs in one day is really difficult, who did that nasty scheduling?

    Adrenilin rules so grab hold to it. Repeat after me: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
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    Here's my applause because I know that the concert will be a wonderful success. Alan sends his best wishes and prayers and wishes he could be there to hear it. Of course you know he wants to know what pieces the band will be performing.

    My prayers are with you, you go girl!!!
    Love Ya
  7. alaska3355

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    You know, I had never heard you mention a child....sorry! Way out in left field again! Have a great concert!

  8. kgangel

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    Dearest Nancy

    I know you will do well. You will be in my prayers, but I am sure God will be with you