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    When I first lost my job a month ago today I was angry, bitter, unforgiving and ready for revenge. I was also in panic mode...

    Now having time to re-focus my energies I have realized that there were reasons for me losing my job and blessings behind it.

    Dont get me wrong now...we are flat broke mind you and I have NOT recieved one unemployment check eveyrthing is breaking down all at once and we cant keep up (Thank GOD for credit cards LOL!). But the one thing I am actually discovering is that its really NOT about the money...
    and its really not about just"settling for what will pay me the most...."

    Its about finding out who I am really....

    Its about what "really" and "truly" will make me happy in a job vene if its not that much money...

    Its about waking eveyrday without regret and stress over what is ahead that day....

    I discovered a few things the past few weeks. I discovered that I can not and will not have a job where I am sitting day in and day out in the same spot doing the repetitive stuff...

    That I am worht more to myself, my children and hubby than to allow my self to ever work with another soul who makes me second guess my life and what "little" I got (meaning not being wealthy, etc.)...

    And most importantly, that its not the size of the paycheck that matters...
    Its the size of my heart that does...and if I am botter from a job situation hat is making me miserable and cranky and nasty, then my heart shrinks and I become a "monster" of a person that I truly know deep down I am not...
    Its how I feel about myself or how I make others feel that counts...and if I settle for a job with abusive mean people, it just shreds me of confidence, dignity and destroys my ability to believe in myself and be proud of who I am and what blessings I truly have...and that what it all boils down to is that wealth isnt just about money, items and such...its much more than that. And if I were to add up every blessing in my life and matched it to the value of money than Id be the most riches person in the universe...and I will never allow myself to feel otherwise...
    and I made myself a vow to never ever let anyone make me feel less of a person because I didnt feel rich enough or good enough (as I did in my last two jobs).

    From this new discovery I am now able to take a path and find myself a new job without feeling low self esteem and scared to death. I know I will be ok. Financially I know Ill never be rich and Hubby and I will probly always struggle...but that doesnt make me an underdog or a bad person...actually, it makes me invincible and humble.

    Thank you God....for you havet truly given me insight over the past few I sorted thru anger and tears and feelings of abandonment, I cant truly see now Lord that you have been with me every step of the way. And Lord from this day foward I vow to do my best to leave it all in your hands Lord God,,,because I know that you will never fail me

    I hope this helpes others going thru what I am going thru.

    I wanted to share this.

    Thanks for reading.

    HUGS and BLESSINGS to all!
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    For sharing your experience and lessons. Through it all, the light shines brightest with Jesus. It's amazing how many on the Worship Board have shared what they've gained through what have seemed losses.

    May God continue to bless you and help you to look up at that bright and shining light through all the problems that you may be facing even now. My prayer will be for your continued strength in Christ during this life's trials and tribulations.

    God Bless You!

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    I pray God will rain down buckets full of blessings for you.

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    Yes, Diane it does help. What you said in your post is right -- that we all have suffered some loses and we are now given the opportunity to find out who we are and what we are made of. Fortunately, we have a loving God and His dear son Jesus on our side. But, it is still a struggle, nonetheless. We are, of course praying that things are easier and a blessing ensues. I have definitely learned that I am stronger than most having to deal with health/financial issues alone, only depending on God. Many would have quickly caved and retreated. It is also good to get the prayers and support here. Many people share your feelings and may have had similar work related issues. (the workplace can be a battlefield, at times) Praying that your situation improves significantly and that you will have provision and peace. God Bless the people on these boards.
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    I am going through the same thing. I am working with the county job serivce that assists disabled people, and my case worker does not understand why I refuse to apply for some jobs. It is not about the money, money is not my god!!!
    I would rather be dirt poor, living according to God's will that be rich and cast into outer darkness because God never knew me.

    I know God will supply all my needs accroding to his riches and glory. I also know God will bless me in the job he has for me, I need to wait for his timing. In the mean time, God says not to sit idle, so I go out searching for the job he has for me. The Bible says, Seek and you shall find.

    I know, I know, I am rambling.

    God Bless

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    Sometimes I think God's just tearing us down to rebuild us properly. Rough process a lot of the time, but I don't think we'll regret it. Jo Ellen