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    IF SOMEONE were inclined to organize a trip/retreat, for CFIDS/Fibro people, what would be some requirements:

    1. Accomodations? Camping, hotel rooms, bunkrooms, travel trailers? Willing to room with a perfect stranger? Need to be in close proximity to bus/train/airport?

    2. Cost? Limit, Per day? Per week?

    3. Ameneties? Pool? Horseshoes? Shuffleboard? Fishing Pier? Restaurant onsite? Bar? Bands/Music? Golf Cart Rental necessary? Internet access required? hahaha Nearby attractions? Amish market? Shopping Outlets? Amusement Park? Stupid questions, I know.

    4. Location? Beach? Mountains? Seclusion? How far could/would you travel to attend?

    5. Planned activities? Speakers? Guided Meditation? Debate? Music? Cardgames? Horseshoe? Dancing? Bonfire/storytelling? Pot luck dinner?

    I'm guessing the whole point would be fellowship and making friends with like bodied people, so activities that bring us together would be encouraged.

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    You sure know how to have fun, Ouch. I think I'll take a nap, too.

    Why are you asking, EP? Is it a rhetorical question? I was on a message board a couple years ago where people were planning a "reunion".

    They called it a reunion even tho most of them had never met. Some ten of 12 of them did have a meeting a few years earlier. Reportedly a good time was had by all.

    I suspect the financial aspects would be as significant as the physical limitations. Gordon and I take a trip about every two years, usually to visit relatives. We usually stay 4 or five days.

    Cost is about $1200 per. I spend a lot of time napping.
    Plans have to be flexible. "Ok, then. I'll call you tomorrow afternoon...if I'm awake."

    Travel has gotten more and more unpleasant in recent years.
    The airports are jammed. Planes sometimes sit for an hour on the runway. The security procedures are lengthy and not much fun. (Not that we don't need them.)

    People used to say that travel was broadening, but not so much anymore w/ the age of tv and instant communication.

    I have never been to New York. Always wanted to see Broadway shows and the Met. But no longer. Not interested in modern stuff. (A sure sign of old age.)

    Bon Voyage!

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    Not totally rhetorical. I thought IF there was enough interest, and IF we could choose a date and place, and IF others would help organize, plan, transport, that MAYBE we could have the 1st Annual DD Reunion. (I stole your idea for the Reunion, since we DO already know each other, sort of)

    It seems to me that money and distance would be the biggest limiting factors. So, costs should stay LOW and location is CRUCIAL. I, for example, won't fly but would be willing to drive 5 or hours, and would gladly pick up riders along the way, or do a pick up at the local airport or bus station. So, I could go anywhere on East coast from Maine to Delaware, and as far West as maybe Philadelphia, Buffalo.

    For me, costs should be no more than a few hundred and Camping Cabins make sense as kitchen set up makes life easier and cheaper. Or, perhaps a GIANT lodge, with multiple bunkrooms, big community kitchen, huge gathering room with giant fireplace. Whatever we choose, it should encourage community. So who's going?