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    To all of those who responded to my outpouring of last night, I sincerely thank you. There was a "mix-up" of sorts at the doc's office. I talked with her nurse this a.m. and she, the doc, was still too "full" to see me today, but she wrote a script for me and all I had to do was go pick it up.
    She explained that she would fill it only once a month ( I have to pick up a written script) and I have to go see her every 3 months. The directions still say take one or 2 tabs every 4 to 6 hours as needed, but she means for those 90 pills of tylenol 4 to last a month. Well, today I will definitely take more than 3 to get my ....pain level down. Once it gets under control, I'll have to back off on some days and just have some tolerable level of pain, which I have on good days anyway. I NEVER again want to be in the state I was in yesterday. I see her again at the end of July and I'm hoping to get something a little stronger that would actually keep pain under control while taking it 2 to 3 times a day. Is percoset a longer acting drug? Any suggestions here? I've really never taken anything stronger than the 4's except right after the rotator surgery. I've taken two pills this morning and am starting to feel some relief. Again, thanks for words of faith, and all the "hang in theres"

    Giant hugs to all the people here who DO understand
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    happy to hear you got your meds,its amazing what can happen at a dr office and how much it could effect peoples lives,im glad they got it strentened out quickly it took me days,
    perocet is stronger but dosent last longer,oxycotin 10 mg 2 times a day would be the best chose,then you have pain relife day and night and are taking less meds,
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    you got your medication.

    I went through a similar thing today where the Dr. prescribed 1/4 of my regular medicine. It took 4 phone calls but finally got it straightened out. I will have to say I was afraid for hours and had a really bad day at work due to this.

    I hope you get to feeling better.