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    Hello all,

    I've been so inspired and educated by everything I've read since finding this board. I was diagnosed with CFIDS and FM (Celiacs and 100 other things that I didn't know about) this year. I've been receiving great care, and trying to explore a range of things on my own (accupuncture, chiro, therapy). Starting Dec 1, I am taking a couple of months off work to try to get somewhat better.

    I'm wondering what has worked best for people in terms of their energy? I am struggling the most with fatigue/lack of energy. I used to work 100 hours per week and thrive, and now I struggle with 40. Whatever has worked best for people would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Energy, strength, endurance, or lack of it, the story of my life. What I take, and plan to take, again:

    1. NADH - 20 mg. in a.m. 30-60 mins. before ANY food or beverage, (expensive)

    2. DL-Phenylalanine - helps your body make Dopamine, Epinephrine,Tyrosine, nonepinephrine, soooo, relieves pain, and give energy and alertness. An Amino Acid (Combination of D and L forms) available in any health food store, under $10.

    3. ProBoost - Thymic extract, boost immune system, and provide amino acids. Used it for one month last year and it DID make a difference. Just ordered some today from ProHealth Store here. Is usually $36-$50 a box, but ProHealth has a sale on until Nov. 18 for 2 boxes for $50.

    I do a LOT of other stuff, to help create energy, but these are probably the ones you may notice an improvement with.

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    the cheapest I could find it was for .10 a gram on nutritiongeeks.

    item number 13528 1000 grams $99.95

    But if you've never tried it before try to get a smaller formula (try it for at least 1 month) which amounts to about 450 grams.

    If you can consume caffiene (coffee or tea) it's a good thing to take with ribose according to Dr Sarah Myhill it helps the body make use of it.

    It really works well for me! I made myself breakfast every day! I hadn't done that in YEARS. I was even able to go to the store and do a little grocery shopping by myself! It was great! Muscle pain was nearly gone.

    But it did aggrivate my hypoglycemia. Be aware of mood swings.

    I'm off it right now and I went right back to square one, and I spend most of my day in bed. I'm going to try to figure out a way to take it again without going postal.
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