biggest problems for me after surgery

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    I don't know why but some of the worst pain I have is in my wrosts, forearms and shoulders. My wrists hurt like werer they had a IV in it it ruptured. The for arm on my wrist is in someuch pain tht just touching it causes me so much pain that i want to scream. I have this pain in my upper arms where the auto blood pressure meacheie was on and it would go on and off every 14 minutes and not it feels like it is brusided andso sore to the thouch. My arms aboove the wrist hurts so badly that it feels like someone has just squeesged everything out of it. it feels like some one has put something tight around it and pumped it up so HIGH and left it there. They are so very sore from that , I had to have 4 IV's changeed as they blew and would not work right and it is in the wrists that I have the horriable pain. I don't know how much more I can take it . MY arms feel like they are brusied adn full of bumps and lumps in them they just hurt so badly that I cna't stand to have anything touch them.

    And then where the four time hole are I can't take deep breathes as it hurts so badly that it stops me from deep breathing. IT is so painfull and I have to hold my side and my belly too , what baby I must sound like.

    I know that I would have pain but I didn't think that it would be in my arms and upper arms they feel like they have been squseezed till there is nothing in theml, I am in so much pain from them that i could cry and I don't know if that is normal? Why would my wrists, arms and shoulders hurt so much? What is wrong with me? What can't I be normal? I am in so much pain that i want to cry and it is in my arms and shoulders. I Hurt so much in the wrists like where I shattered my left wrist last year it hurts so badly there and I don't know why it would do that? What is wrong with me? Am I Just abnormal with the pain I have. I know that i expected to have pain but I didn't expecte
    to have pain in my wrists like they have een smashed aand had IV's that haaave blew and I am so so sore in the wrist area's Is that normal?r is it just me?

    I just hurt in my belly abdomen and forarems and wrist and shoulders and I just want to cry about it. I know that I am wihinning but this hurts so mcuh in the wrists that they feel brusied and so very sore and I don't know why I would hurt this way. Sorry to be such a baby about this pain and whinning all the time. I just wnat to feel better and feel more nrmaol/ I do feel better with the rest of the pain I have had but the wrists are hurting so much that i am in tears.

    So me and my achey breacky body that hurts so badly and makes it hard to breathe and I am so sore in my chest muuscels , I know that they use the the laproscope they fill your belly and abdomen up with gas and air and look to see if everything looks ok and you don't have any other problems. So you have this extra gas rolling around in your body and you have the doctor picking up your intestines and see if they are ok and they push your lungs around to see if they are ok and it really hurts to have all this done to you.

    I am trying to just rest and not do anything at all but i have to do some laundry or I woun't have any towlels so I take 1 towel and put it in the washer at a time so it takes a long time to do that. So I have little loads of laundry. And I can't lift more thatn I can life with the paalm of one hand. so I really can't do much.
    So me and my achey armes wrists and belly and everything else that it causeing me pian I am going to go to bed and try to sleep. i am in alot of pain right now so i am going to go to bed now. I am sorry for whinning; Thanks for all your support and your caring I need it and I thinnk you for putting up with all the winninnng I am doing. LOve ya , Rosemarie
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    Sorry that you hurt so much Rosemarie.WE're here for you! Linda
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    I'm so sorry that you are hurting so after surgery. Everyone always comes out of the hospital feeling pretty bad, don't they. A person gets stuck, jabbed, arms squeezed, picked, prodded, poked, and it seems like beat around everyway!!

    A hospital certainly isn't a place to be when you are sick!

    I hope you get to feeling better, Rosemarie.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery,
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    Whenever I have my worst flare ups, wrist pain is always a part of it! It gets so bad it's nearly impossible to drive or do anything except rest and try to find a comfortable position for them.

    FMS always seems to flare during and/or immediately after another unrelated illness, surgery and/or stressful event. Try checking with your doc to see if he can recommend a temporary adjustment in your Fibro. meds to get you through this.

    And rest, rest, rest! This will pass, but I know too well how miserable it is until then and it's hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel right now.

    Just know this is more, postpone any -- and I mean ANY and ALL activities that aren't crucial right now. The more you fight it and try to do things, the longer it will last.

    Hang in there! God bless.