Biggest Scientific Breakthrough since Darwin you need to watch

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    I am very happy to share this information with all of you.

    I have stumbled upon one of the biggest Scientific Breakthrough's (In my opinion) since antibiotics or Darwin. I might not be publicised, you might not hear it everywhere you go, but its big ! But i would come to expect that, because media is controlled anyway.

    Please.. do yourself a favor and WATCH THIS !!!! its long, so if you start it, FINISH IT!!! it will benefit your mind ! i promise !

    I can't post the link .. so take these steps on your own accord


    -GOOGLE - click on VIDEO - type in :

    " the new biology - where mind and matter meet "
    part 1
    partr 2

    dont rob yourself of this expereince, and please watch all of it, even if its in parts. its absolutely amazing !!!!!!

    Your smart enough to understand it if you take the time to watch

    Quick notes
    - Genes are not set in stone, and can be changed
    - DNA can be changed
    - You are not held down by your parents biology
    - BELIEF Is a FILTER ....
    experiences taught you FILTERS (BLINDERS or COLORED GLASSES)

    LOVE = Wellness
    - Darwin was completely wrong
    - Symtpoms Tell you to deal with stress
    - Conventional Sceince uses drugs to Cover up signals and symptoms

    there are two parts, so be prepared and amazed for a good amount of time, because they are lengthy, but WORTH watching !!!!
    Off topic, but if anything could prove why people are getting well from things like " the lightning process " this might be it.. but thats off topic, and has nothing to do with this, but indirectly...

    Please dont comment negatively unless you have watched the whole thing.. i promise it will change your thoughts about sickness and health to some degree.
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