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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Juloo, Apr 24, 2006.

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    I can't believe me, a 42-year-old woman, would be so darned excited about this. I've been through too many pill sorters to count...and they just get bigger and bigger.

    First there was the little bitty 7-day one. Room for about four or five tablets in each 'day'. These gradually got bigger and bigger until I realized there were weekly ones with four sections for each day. I sort of outgrew that, believe it or not (some of my supplements are kind of bulky).

    So at Walgreens the other day I found this REALLY HUGE one -- 8" by 12" by 1 1/2" deep. I can fit all my supplements in it, except the ones that are powdered and need to be mixed with something or the ones that are in drop form or cream form. I put a square of index card at the bottom of each section to remind me of the prescription medications and the other non-container stuff.

    Between that, and the timer pill case that I have my mid-morning thyroid meds in, I finally have this organizational thing (temporarily) licked.

    Anyone else suffer from supplement disorganization?
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    Congrats on scoring such a huge a pill container. The biggest one I was able to find before I went to my current system was only about 9 or 10" wide with multiple compartments for each day, and it wasn't big enough!

    Because nothing I could find would hold all my pills, I bought 42 clear round containers with screw-top lids from the Container Store. I labeled them by day and numbered them by order, and screwed them together into 7 "towers" -- one for each day, 6 units high. It's a hassle to refill them though, but it was the only thing that worked. Necessity is the mother of invention!

    I also use the pieces of paper to remind me of the stuff I still don't have room for in there. Works great, but I have learned the hard way to make them BIG enough that I don't swallow them by mistake!

  3. Juloo

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    I was on the verge of having to design one myself!

    I still have several 'stacks' (the round ones) around. I actually got them several years ago to hold colored beads when my son was learning to count and sort. But I kept losing the 'top', so I had to retire that idea. But I haven't thrown away the containers...I keep holding out hope against hope that the tops will be found!

    The fishing tackle idea is great -- I used to use one to hold my art supplies when I was in college. I'd been looking like crazy for a fly-fishing-ties box that had the right number of separations, but they were either too small or way too big. Actually this new pill-sorter would make a really good one!

    Can you tell -- Type A (perfectionist) tendencies? I get way too hung up on the solution and forget what I'm trying to accomplish in the first place!

    BTW, had my FFC update phone appointment today -- adding an antibiotic (for Lyme), and Diflucan. So now I need to REDO my little SCRAPS OF PAPER!!!!! (grrrrrrr.....just when I got it all straightened out....)

    Thanks for replying to my silly story!

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