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  1. vivian53

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    I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading about your life.

    You are an interesting person and I like your posts too.

    You make good sense.

    I hope this first day of April brings you painfree and peaceful days.

  2. bigmama2

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    hi vivian and jam!!

    i deleted my post for 2 reasons- one- it didnt get many responses- seemed like people didnt want to participate in it. (except you Jam- thanks)

    and two- i was in a very weird and flip mood when i wrote my self description, and i didnt like how it turned out.



  3. vivian53

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    I understand that our thoughts and feelings, especially about ourselves, can change with our moods at times.

    Then when we write them down it's like they are set in stone. When I go back and read some of mine I say to myself "what in the world were you thinking, that sounds silly (or incorrect or what ever)."

    They may have been an accurate reflection of how we felt at the time, but maybe not so much later.

    Oh well no harm done.


  4. Denamay

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    but my story just dissapeared into outerspace, oh well another time. I liked what both of you had to say, it was neat getting to each of you. Love Denamay