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    hello all. ugh. here's an update on my adrenal fatigue treatment. i was doing much better over the last few months since starting aadrenal glandular treatments, and feeling like a more normal functioning human being. For about 10 days i was getting stuff done and i was very optimistic about my future. BUT for the last 6 days i have been incredibly tired and sleepy - sleeping 15plus hours a day!- back to my old "sleeping beauty" self. it is terrible. who even sleeps that much???!!! i just sleep and sleep and sleep- sleep my life away. i barely know what day it is.

    i had made such good progress. my dr says i will have ups and downs but this is ridiculous. i am now getting rather depressed about it all. what's the point of being alive if all you do is sleep? (sorry to be so negative). i will probably feel better in a day or two. (i hope) but it is so hard right now.

    anybody else sleep as much as i do?

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    Hi bigmama2,

    Sorry to hear you're going through a rough time. Thought I'd briefly mention what I'm just learning about crashes.

    According to Sarah Myhill, when our cells are "pushed" to produce more energy than is readily available, they resort to a "backup mode" of producing energy which is far less efficient. The longer we draw on this backup mode, the longer it takes to recover. Usually at least a few days.

    She explains it in technical detail in her paper, "CFS as Heart Failure Secondary to Mitochondrial Malfunction: A Nutritional Support protocol". It might be a good read for you at some time.

    It really clarifies why it is so important to not overly draw on our reserves. It also outlines a program on how to support mitochondrial function. I'm in the process of pulling together a supplement list she recommends to see how well it may complement my own Cortef protocol. Will keep you posted.

    Hope things start looking up for you soon. Sounds like you may have overdone it, and now just need to rest and build up some reserves again.

    Best, Wayne
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    I'm so sorry you're feeling discouraged.

    Remember progress doesn't go upward in a straight line. Your body might still be adjusting to the changes. Perhaps this sleepy phase will end, just like the more active phase did, and then you will come out of it feel more balanced, and back on to longer and longer stretches of feeling more energetic with shorter "sleepy times" in between.

    I am just saying all of this as encouragement, not because I know what is happening. I pulling for you!

    Oh, and I just thought of another person who is on a methylation protocol who is getting better, but with it she is also sleeping a lot. Perhaps are making up for all the nights you couldn't get deep sleep and there is profound healing taking place. We can hope so, at least!


    P.S. Did you say that you read a book by Dr. Paul Strand? What did you think of it, if you're not too sleepy to post. :)
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    thanks for the words of encouragement. finally today i am doing much better. thank god! i'm doing housework and will run errands and then do some cooking and exercise later. for me that is a great day. in my past life, pre-cfs that would have been a slow day. and now i get so happy and excited when i am able to do those basic things without feeling like crap. my how times have changed. i'm only 37!

    wayne i should look into that myhill info about mitochondria. i need to get more coq10 today!

    lisette- i dont think it was me who mentioned a book by dr ray strand. however i did read one by him called "what your dr doesn't know about nutritional medicine may be killing you". i liked it. taked alot about antioxidants like grapeseed extract. i have so many books about cfs and health. i could open up my own library.

    hope you both have a good day!
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    I used to think it was bad when I slept a lot too, but now I've decided that if it feels "healing," it's a good thing.

    CFS has does a lot of damage to our bodies over the years. Sleep (meaning the deep groggy sleep) is one way that our bodies heal themselves.

    If so, then perhaps the sleep is helping you in ways that you are not aware. For instance, both my doctor and Dr. Montoya seem to believe that CFS causes cancer. Hopefully if we let our bodies have some repair time, that will be less likely to happen.

    Sleep might be especially important for those of us who have suffered from a lot of agitated exhaustion during our illnesses and have a lot of repair to make up for.

    It sounds like you're feeling okay during the times that you are awake, which is important.

    I agree with Wayne and Lisette's points, too.

    Anyway, please report back on how you're doing!

    Best, Lisa
  6. bigmama2

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    hello! i'd much better today, which is good- i couldn't take the crazy sleeping any longer!

    do you know why the 2 drs think cfs may cause cancer? i have often wondered what this cfs is doing to my body long term. i have been tired for 12 years. worse each year. do less and less. but i am determined to keep trying to get better! or at least improve. at finally it has started.

    have a good day lisa!

  7. Slayadragon

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    Apparently there's a connection between viruses and cancer. For instance, people with Hepatitis B and C are much more likely to get liver cancer than other people.

    This is despite the fact that Hepatitis B apparently does not harm the body in itself. Supposedly it's just the immune response to a foreign substance that's the problem.

    As a side note, my grandfather had what certainly seems to have been CFS and died of adrenal cancer at age 74.

    The possibility that I will live a longer as well as fuller life is why I am aggressively trying to get well through the use of antivirals and other means. Hopefully it will work.

    I hope you (and your brother) are doing well these days.

    Best, Lisa
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    HI Big Momma!
    2 things. I do this two day's before I get my period..a drunken sleep can't wake up and then again when I ovulate..I feel for you having this going on continuously,you poor woman. The other thing is. I remember seeing something just like this I think on Mystery diagnosis. A story about a young girl who's parents tell about her sleeping day after day after day for years, then she came out of it for awhile and then it happened all over again. Darn, wish I could remember more..sorry..wonder if they have a website. Hang in there girl! much love and hugs

    ~ GigglePoet