Bikram Yoga

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    Hello everyone. I have to share this with all of you with CFIDS and FM. (I have CFIDS) I recently tried Bikram Yoga. AKA "hot" yoga. You are in a very warm room (105 degrees usually) at about 60-70% humidity. There are 26 asanas (poses) and it takes about 90 minutes. You don't even notice the room temp after a little while. But, you have to drink LOTS of water before, during and after.
    I have very poor exercise tolerance and have to say that I feel like a million bucks. This is definitely something to try if you don't have any heart problems. I would recommend going to google and typing in Bikram Yoga. You will find out more about it, but it is recommended to people of all walks, even us (CFIDS/FM). But as always, talk to the doc first and research it. Anyway, hope y'all try it. It's great!