bilateral oophorectomy

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    I am scheduled to have this surgery done in 3 weeks. I haven't felt well all summer. My hotflashes have gotten so bad that I'm almost passing out. Can anyone tell me if I will have to have hormones afterwards. I read some of the postings about bio-identical hormones. So I guess I need to do some research on them so I can make an informed decision.

    I'm also having surgery on my bladder at the same time kinda 2 doctors for the price of 1. I'm waiting to see if my thyroid levels are ok or if I need my dosage increased. It's like a dominoe effect when 1 thing starts everything else falls with it.

    I would appreciate your opinions with regard to the hormones and if I'll need them. I've spoken to some women that have never taken hormones after this procedure and they are coping fine. I unfortunately have Fibro, Arthritis, Hypthyroidism, GAD. So you can imagine my dilemma with taking more meds than I do now.

    I'm a single parent with 2 college students and I don't make much money so my options are very limited.

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    I had a hysterectomy with a bilateral salpingoophorectomy
    when I was about 37 or so and I am now 45 everyone including physicians feels different on the issue HRT.

    I feel it is a very personal decision and the last thing a women needs when going through this difficult time is someone preaching the about HRT so I will not being doing that to you. You are an adult and can make up you own mind.

    Please discuss this with your physician the are many things to factor in such as your age, personal history of cancer, family history of cancer, history of smoking, presently a smoker, and other risk factors.

    I made the decision because of my age at the time and my body need the estrogen plus the hot flashes were hell...LOL

    Not to mention the emotion roller coaster which HRT help in my case as well-I am not saying that is the case for everyone.

    There are natural alterturnatives as well which did not help in my case but I am not say that is the case for everyone.

    What a lot of people do not realize is when a women goes through surgical menopause her symptoms are much worse than those who go through natural menopause and that is why many of us who go through or have gone thorough surgical menopause have chosen to be on HRT.

    Naturally as we get older the dosage decreases as it would if our body wree still making its own estrogen.

    Here are a couple of sites with a some information:

    I hope you will discuss your options with your physician and your surgeon and do what is right for you.

    Best of luck with your surgery,

    Karen :)