bill H.R. 1863

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    I have written representative Graves of Missouri about this bill and the importance of research for pain. It was introduced by a Mike Rodger and the name of it is AAPM: Pain Care Policy Act of 2003. We all need to write as many people as we can to get this bill in action. Someone mentioned writing the Surgeon General also, That is a great idea. Let me know whats up! Sis
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    Kim and Gary
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    I think it important that more of us really write. A few of us do write, but that will get us nowhere we need to be. Alot of us need to do it or it wont be any good for anything! There are about 12,000,000 of us? How many votes is that? I think if we push it we could be taken very seriously. Shouldnt we try and get everyone here and on ever other site to really try and do something to help all of us. I know we are busy with the docs and distracted by the pain, but at some point one has to step up to the base if they really hold up the hope of getting ones life back, or at least improving it again. Sis
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    You mentioned a form letter. Where do you find those?