Bill Moyers with Pema Chodron

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    Pema Chodron is a Buddhist nun and teacher whom I am fond of quoting because I just love her! Here she is in conversation with Bill Moyers.

    Pema talks about coming to Buddhism in a time of crisis which I think will resonate with many of you who renewed your Christianity in a time of crisis. In fact, the crisis was the breakup of her marriage - her husband came home and announced he was having an affair and leaving her.

    Pema talks about many aspects of Buddhist practice in this conversation which, I believe, is also available to view on YouTube - the link I have -provided is a transcript.

    Pema also has ME.

    Ok, mites rising up!

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    Oh my dear make me giggle with your anecdotes about the mites, but I do hope they find a different home soon.

    I said a prayer for you when I read this, bless you dear Rafiki, bless you!

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    I wish the computer didn't attract mites because I would love to tell you how I created all kinds of suffering for myself related to mites. How I got in a loop of blaming because I was feeling guilty but couldn't really access my own guilt. I was too afraid of feeling the "pain" of guilt so wouldn't look at what it really was and began, in my head, to find fault with things other people did.

    It was only when I stopped running from my guilty feelings and shared them with the people I was blaming in my head that I was free.

    I had understood, on some level, that I wasn't to "blame" but I had to really face the role I played (raking leaves) and how much I regretted starting this whole thing and share that with those who were now tormented before I could get blame out of the equation all together. I gave them permission to have moments where they did blame me. I told them, with love, that I understood they would inevitably have these moments and I understood. As I did that, my heart softened and I knew I would no longer need to run from my fear of their blame and my guilt and that I would have a much easier time not blaming others.

    No one can go see the new baby because of the mites. It creates serious problems regarding going to work for a family member who already doesn't like me very much - in part because I'm Buddhist - so it's more than just being itchy. You cannot let anyone into your house or go to anyone else's house without risk of contagion. Everyone has had to spend a lot of money, do huge amounts of work, change their lives and not see their first niece/grandchild all because I raked some leaves.

    When I stiffened myself against their really understandable feelings, I suffered from my own. When I gave them my understanding and my compassion, I was released. I will get hooked again and have to free myself again.

    I have no idea if I've made any of this understandable. It's pretty tricky stuff at the best of times.

    Tell me to get off the computer!