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  1. rosemarie

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    I am having a problem with the company thaat my pain doctor uses for his billing and the grils that is my accout person is screwing me over.

    When I got the bill it looked like this :
    Office visit $64.oo
    patient payment- $44.00
    insurance payment-$23.00 balance left -$3.00 pt.owed

    Office visit $64.00
    patient payment $-$44.00
    ----------------------------- balance $20.00

    Office visit $100.00
    patient payment-$44.00
    balance $56.oo

    office visit $64.00
    patient payment $-44.00
    balance $20.00

    Office visit $45.00
    patient payment$44.00
    Balance -$44.00 still should have had balance of $1.00

    office visit $45.00
    patient payment -$44.00
    balance -$44.00
    still should have owed $1.00

    over 30days/ 60 over/ 120days/ current/ Amount due]
    $93.00 $0.00 $0.00 $-88.00 $5.00

    to me and the account I took it too because the lady that is in charge of my account thinks everythign isw OK and will not lok at it is find out withthe porbel is with the bill.
    I paid the $5.00 and after talking tothe account the bill is paid in full but the lady who is doing this billing does not agree/

    What is your thoughts aon this problem? I receive bill every 3-4 months and never every month or the explanatation of what I pain and what the insurance pain and what is really due at the time.
    the account freind of mine would works for a medical doctor said that after sending a bill like that to the patient the bill is paid in full as it says it is.

    /So what do I do? BEsides tell the doctor to get a different accounting system and billing piople who get it right. and I should be rembursied for the over payments I have had to make due to the billing peoples mistakes that equals $ 132.00 , do i tell the doctor that the lady over my account is treating me like i am 2 and don't know anything about billing and I do . I am tired of being treated liek I am 2 and on't know how to bil people for the services thta they have had done. and it is legal to write off the mistakes that have been made and i need to have the doctor write off the payments that I was over charged. He thinks that you can't do that I checked it out and you can even with insurance.
    I love the doctor but his biling staff don't know how to do their jobs and they are driveing me insane what do I DO?
    I see him at \3:30 so if any one can think oooof anything that would help me I would greatly be in theire debt.

    Thanks for listening to me HUgs to all Rosemarie
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  2. WoodstocksMusic

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    but I could not follow this...(and to think I ran the accounting department for 2 seperated businesses before this dd took over....

    Maybe someone smarter then me can give it a whirl in their brain.
  3. sfrazier

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    Looks to me like you are all caught up. You had an outstanding balance of 93 and then they owed you 88 and you paid the 5 dollar difference. Why does she say your not all caught up?
  4. Eva2005

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    To fix the problem call her back and request a complete breakdown of the bills per the date of service. This will make them go over anything that should have been adjusted. You did not state the Dates of Service. But it will make her do her job. And if you still feel she is not taking care of the problem. Don't be afraid to talk to her senior biller or supervisor. Sometimes the billers are not aware of mistakes and try to show you they are right. I would definitely call her back and make her do her job. You are the patient and you are supposed to be respected. I have seen this many times. Bring the problem to their attention..... Good Luck. Sorry you are going thru this right now what a pain....Eva
  5. lea

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    inform your ins. that these people are not accepting your co-insurance/co-payment, nad that they are demanding more!

    Otherwise, maybe you can better explain your situation in a different but short way as my fogged brain cannot follow.
    good luck
  6. mhammie

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    If there is an office manager or a supervisor or this woman I would ask to talk with them. I might be tempted to ask that gal how happy the doctor would be if he got audited by the IRS? If this kind error is happening to you, they are probably making mistakes with other patients as well.

    I thing I do at office is get the bill for that visit, which shows a break down of each charge including any individual blood tests. Most doctors offices in my area do this. Although there are some that you have to ask to get a copy of the bill before you leave.

    Usually my insurance shows what I still owe after the adjustments and what they paid.

    I can understand your frustration. I received a bill showing a $132.00 after I and my(Previous insurance company) had paid. After I started looking at what they had sent into the insurance company, I realized that they had charged twice for some of the lab tests. I called the billing dept. and let them know I didn't owe them money, they owed the insurance company money. They did send the insurance company the money back. I also made sure they sent me the statement showing that nothing was owed.

    You can always threaten to call the state insurance commissioner and the better business bureau. Maybe letting them know your willing to take further action, might motivate them to look at things better.

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    you MIGHT be being scammed (in a way). Here is what I learned when I went on an HMO (your situation is determined by what type of insurance you have so keep that in mind).

    Part of being in an HMO for a doc is agreeing to the insurance companys "resonable and customary charges". This is what the insurance company says they will pay for a particular service. The doctors know this when they sign up to accept this insurance.

    The patient pays their copay, the doctor bills the insurance company, the insurance company determines what they will pay. This is what you see on some statements that show

    Office visit - $60.00 (making these #s up for example)
    Copay (this is you) - $20.00
    Insurance pmt - $25.00
    Balance - $15.00 (this might not show at all)

    The $15 is the amount the doc has to write off because it was above the insurance company's reasonable and customary charges. Unfortunately, some doctors will bill the patient in hopes that they will pay the difference and they will not have to write it off.

    YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THIS. As I said before, it depends on your type of insurance. You might have a 20/80 or something else, but the way you described it, it looks like an HMO to me and that the doc is trying to get you to pay the difference that insurance would not.

    YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THIS is that is the case. I have a similar problem right now that I have to call on today. My husband went to the neurologist and paid his $40 copay. They billed the insurance, but the payroll girl at his work accidentally cancelled his insurance instead of someone elses, so it rejected.

    I took the bill when it arrived, wrote on it what happened, told them to resubmit and gave the name and phone # of the girl at my husband's job should there be a problem.

    Insurance has paid now, hubby has paid his share at the office, we have a bill for $44. Why? I don't know, but I intend to let them know that we have paid our portion and this is not due.

    Hope that helps, hon