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  1. bejo

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    Does everyone else "enjoy" trying to figure out Drs. bills and insurance payments? LOL If that wasn't bad enough,my husband got old enough for medicare last year.So now it divides three ways instead of two.LOL Boy, the fog sure is thick in my head some days.LOLOL
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    I just get kind of starey eyed thinking about them. It would help if there was something saying what they are for. I just finished a lot of tests and get the bills for this Dr. and that Dr. but they don't say what they're for. Radiologist, lab reading etc. I didn't see those Dr. they just read something or other. Plus, my daughter was in the emergency room and had a lot of tests ran so I get them on her and am even more confused. I call the insurance company a lot. I should just put in a direct line to them. LOL And, don't even get me started on figuring out the deductible! Anyone with a great system, that doesn't take to much thinking ability?
  3. bejo

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    I call the insurance company a lot too.If I call them much more I think I'll ask them to put in a private line just for me.It's not too bad to have to call them except once in a while when you get a person that sounds like she thinks I'm stupid.There are some days that I feel stupid but I thought I was covering it up better than that.LOLOL
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