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    Can any one tell me what exactly is bio feedback? I know this sounds dumb. I have heard of it. But never knew what it was. I realy would like to know more.
    And a great big THANK YOU !!!! I am so glad to be here. You are all so great.

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  2. LouiseO

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    I just hope to find out. I hope you all don't mind me bumping.
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    ....but, perhaps, a general idea. Biofeedback, in its' simplest form, is a measurement of the body's response to stimuli, generally stress or pain, but, can be other stuff, too. The feedback part comes in when these responses are analysed, and the patient learns to use these measurements to control responses to the stimuli by lower the measurements through meditation, relaxation, or other calming techniques.

    I've never experienced biofeedback in its' more complex forms. But, when in a FMS flair I like to use what is called a 'biodot'. It is a little self sticking paper dot with a mood-ring-type surface. It is placed on the outside of the hand between the tumb and forefinger. As stress or pain levels increase, the dot gets darker and darker indicating an unwanted response. The goal then is to 'bring' the dot back to a bright color like yellow or green, through self-realization techniques. I find it VERY helpful in times when things (pain) are getting the best of me.

    Hope this helps explain it, at least a little.
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    I am really interested in the biodot. Can you tell me more and where to get it, and what you do to get to a better level. Thanks,
    Love, Deb
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    Thank you so very much,

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    >>I am really interested in the biodot. Can you tell me more and where to get it, and what you do to get to a better level.<<

    The biodots can be found on the internet. I got mine from Kaiser Permanante health plan. I don't know more about the dot itself. They were given out as part of a pain clinic I attended through Kaiser. But, they are available on the internet. I typed biodot into a search engine, and came up with many sites.

    For myself, I am usually able to control the color by doing a body check (for tightness, spasm, whatever), then relax it with my breathing. Really tough times I use meditation/visualization. If all fails, which doesn't happen often, I eat a bunch of pills and go to bed! ;p

    hope some of this helps,
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    Hi Louise,

    I had bio feedback sessions back in 1986/1987 when stress and typing posture were causing me serious back, shoulder and neck problems as well as headaches. I could never get my hands warm enough to turn a stress sensor anything but the black it started out originally. I was sent to bio feedback because physical therapy sessions were not working and they didn't know what else to do. So I went and they hooked me up to the sensors which are hooked to a screen the therapist watches. They can also have it make a sound when you tighten or loosen your muscles. Then you sit back in a recliner and they have the room darkened and even have a lava lamp to focus on and the therapist reads things or gives suggestions of things for you to focus on that will relax the muscles giving you problems. I was told by the physical therapist that the tension in my shoulders was reducing the circulation to my hands and that was why they were always cold. The first thing I learned in bio feedback was how to breathe correctly. I was breathing shallowly in my upper chest instead using the diaphram as you are supposed to. They teach you to visualize you have a balloon in your stomach that you are filling with air and then releasing. I don't remember how many sessions I had although it was quite a few. By the time I was finished I was able - through visualization to increase the temperature in my hands to normal and to greatly decrease the tension in my shoulders, neck and back and it helped with the headaches. The therapist in bio feedback is more of a coach who teaches you way to use your mind to make your body relax. The machine you are hooked to (hence the feedback part) is just a way of showing whether or not you are able to make your mind do what it is supposed to. I still use a lot of what I learned in the sessions but it would be nice to go back and brush up on what I learned. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1995 but probably had symptoms of it for at least 25 years that were just waiting to become the full-blown syndrome, but never put it all together until the diagnosis.

    I feel like I rambled a little but bio feedback is a little hard to explain in just a few words. It is amazing what the mind can do with a little training. Hope this explanation helped.
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    first they did a "brain map" to see what my brain waves were doing, to establish a baseline. the results of this were that I had predominatly slow waves. so, then with sensors placed on my head, and earphones I would "play a video game with my head". I would try to get the plane to fly higher or the bullseye to grow or shrink. when the plane flew its highest- it signaled that my brain waves had increased or that the right type of wave was being put out there, and to reinforce this wanted behavior, I heard a sound like a bell and I got a visual "cue", flags would appear on the screen as I collected points. sounds weird, but I had major brain fog going in, and after 10 sessions, I was much much better. -skychomper
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    I'm afraid I would not be very good about explaining biofeedback but I can tell you what I got out of it. A few years ago I went to a pain management program at Kessler-Wellkind that included this.

    I learned about primary and secondary pain. The primary pain is the pain we always have. Secondary pain can be brought on by the stress of the primary pain, or the way we move or tense up because of it. You can reduce secondary pain with biofeedback techniques that teach you how to relax muscles and make you aware of areas you are tensing. For example, I find that when I'm in a lot of pain, I tend to clench my teeth, or hold shoulders stiffly which will cause additional pain down the road. You are supposed to visualize these muscles relaxing, stc to control some of the pain. I was hooked up to all kinds of electrodes that measure the tension in your muscles, and was used as a tool to help you learn to control this with mind/body relaxation. There were also visual aids.

    I did not really keep up with this after the program, but I do feel it helped me be aware of times I am hurting myself more by tensing up.

    Hope this is some help to you.
    Wishing you good days ahead,
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    I had heard of it before but was in the dark about what it was. How do I go about getting into sessions, Who do I ask? Can the doctor prescibe this or is it something I have to do on my own? Does insureance cover it or is it my expense?

    Thanks all

  11. Lau

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    Regarding insurance - I have an HMO and it was covered. of course I had to get pre-approved etc. My doctors office took care of all that nonsense, however, after a certain amount of sessions (don't remember) the insurance company cut me off.

    Good Luck! Laurie