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  1. PVLady

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    I wanted to share my experience with bio identical hormones. I am using creams of progesterone and estrogen.

    I honestly feel they helped me mentally. My thinking is much better, and mental outlook. I realize there are potential side effects but my doctor said sometimes you need to weigh the advantages.

    I am 55 now and notice a big difference. My anxiety is also much less.
  2. swiss

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    I am happy to hear about your success- enjoy. I use progesterone cream for PMS and it really helps too. What are the bioidentical hormones for?

  3. Suzanne Sommers has written yet another book about Bio Identical hormone replacement. I am going to ask my gyn again about them and my family dr. next time I go.
  4. wld285

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    I am 56, and have been using bio-identical hormones for about 2 yrs. Mine you let melt in your cheek. It still wasn't the answer to my prayers, but I am sure if I weren't using them I would be alot worse.

    Thanks for sharing.
  5. lcb212

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  6. PVLady

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    I asked my gyno doctor about the bio identical and he was not too interested. He felt they did not control the strength of the product.

    I got mine from the FFC in Torrance, Dr. Holtorf's office. You have to get it from a compounding pharmacy.

    I was not tested before starting them - I guess it is trial and error to see if they help you.

    I notice the biggest help if anxiety - that is practically gone.
  7. psychomama

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    Bioidentical are compounded estrogen & usually progesterone combined. They are supposedly identical to what your body used to make before menopause. The trick is getting them adjusted to suit your body. I found that using them & also Wellbutrin greatly helped me feel better. If you don't have any libido anymore, they also make testosterone. I get mine from College Pharmacy in Colorado. They do a consult over the phone & mail you the prescription. It's kind of expensive & you have to get the right combination or you will spot or still have hot flashes. It's worth it, I think. Now I'm going to a hormone clinic here in Ft. Worth, TX and she has tested all my hormones. I have too much estrogen now, so she has put me on progesterone & testosterone only. I also had high cortisol, low vitamin D, low zinc, high triglycerides (but good cholesterol)and low/normal thyroid. She is treating all this & hopefully it will help.

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