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    Does anyone have any information about this light treatment which is used in Germany and in France; apparently they treat lyme, and rumour has it successfully; has anyone here used this therapy? Does anyone know the address of the main German clinic?

    Any information on this would be helpful.

    Also, I have read on this site references to Rife frequency machines; are they worth investing in?
    Thanks ever so much.
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    to inquire about the Bionic 880. The managing director sent info. Not sure if we are allowed to post specific address information on this board?

    He said "without having a practioner to control the treatment and treatment reactions, we will not be able to sell Bionic to private persons". You have to get a consultation and treatment with Dr. W. and then have the option to buy the Bionic when his assistant instructs you how to use the equipment and detox protocol.

    The price of Bionic 880 is $9,350 or EUR 6,400.00.

    Everything I have read is very impressive. It kills Lyme and coinfections , plus re-regulates horomones, etc. Someone on another board used it and cured herself and her family.

    I wish a bunch of us could share a machine with a doctor to monitor us.

  3. Renae610

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    The benefits of using Rife vary from one individual to the next. Some machines seem to be preferred over others. You might want to read Bryan Rosner's book on Lyme and Rife and read more online (other sites) from patients who are using Rife.
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    I just read a couple blogs tonight that I had not seen before, of how a couple people are doing with the Bionic treatment. I am trying to determine if or when this kind of treatment might be appropriate for my daughter. One person had a similar set of pathogens (in addition to Lyme) and it was taking quite some time and additional efforts along with Bionic 880 to achieve results.

    This past week, I took my daughter to a Lyme-literate N.D. I hope you can find someone equally qualified who uses a specialized Biofeedback to analyze your daughter's condition and to identify which products work best for her individual needs. (A form of biofeedback is used with the Bionic 880 too.)
  5. Perrier

    Perrier New Member

    Thanks for the posts and the information.

    I also wrote to the manufacturer of the device and now of course the question is what to do. You, Renae, have also provided important additional information--that the device is for sale and at a hefty 10 grand!!

    The thing that I would like to know is how effective this device is. I read the testimonials on the site, but I get the impression not that many people have used it here in North America (I live in Canada).

    My daughter was diagnosed with CFS in 2002, and we read like maniacs everything there was to read, and now I feel as though another tsunami has hit us, because we now have reorient ourselves to Borrelia. Borrelia infection is very serious and perhaps progressive. This bacteria is akin to the syphilis that ravaged the 19th century.

    Do you think that the manufacturer of Bionic is sort of working with the doctor?

    I would be so grateful for as much information about Bionic.

    I get the impression, then, that the machine does not wipe out the bacteria, and that one has to keep using the device. Is this correct?

    I am very desperate to help my daughter, as seeing her flopping about and in pain is a nightmare for any parentl

  6. Renae610

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    Lyme is a cousin of syphilis. Syphilis was tough to kill but Lyme is a tougher organism.

    Lyme opens the door to other pathogens.

    Has your daughter been tested for coinfections? Use IgeneX Lab. Coinfections require separate treatment and can stand in the way of killing lyme.

    I relate to what you and your daughter are going through. My daughter is 21 and has been ill since a flu shot in Feb. 1999 followed by viruses and also tick bites in 2000 and 2003. She had no lyme-rash. Lyme tests were negative. Like you, I read much about CFS/CFIDS. She detoxified her body from head to toe while I continued to research! An LLMD diagnosed her with CFIDS in 2007 but I was stunned to see Lyme and several serious coinfections too! Wow! That means a long list of doctors had not recognized her long and growing list of symptoms to provide a "clinical Lyme diagnosis" and begin treatment!

    I'm not a doctor or expert but I have learned some things in 10 years and still learning! Plus I have had to become stronger to support my daughter's character development. She has not only learned to take charge of her health and cling to truth, but she dreams of helping other overcome this disease. We embrace and guard the hope in our hearts and keep pressing forward with each piece of truth we uncover!

    As you visit various Lyme discussions on the internet, you will see many patients are working with LLMDs who prescribe a bunch of drugs and supplements. It is not uncommon for some patients to be getting IVs or taking 75-90 pills daily!! Some Chronic Lyme patients believe this is the path to cure. Some of them relapse later because the drugs have merely suppressed not killed the organisms. Antibiotics work better for early stage lyme. Others will tell you that the way to kill off the organisms at this later stage of the disease is to go the natural route-- and I believe that. In my last post, I recommended finding a Lyme-Literate Naturopath with specialized Biofeedback, Electrodermal Screening and/or Vega Testing. This is a computerized program based on the meridian system, which reads the body's needs and matches supplements that will work uniquely for your body as it kills pathogens and heals layer by layer. Your body lets you know what issue is priority and what supplements it needs at what times. Is this form of Biofeedback with products for Lyme available in Canada?? If so, get going with this! It is the best thing I can recommend to you, that I know works!! Also, most Lyme patients do not naturally detoxify well, so I bought an ion cleansing machine for about $1,500 that my daughter uses every 4-5 days at home. It has more than paid for itself and I wouldn't be without it.

    While your daughter is doing Biofeedback and taking those supplements, plus ion cleansing, you can still continue to research about other energy or frequency devices such as Rife machines, Bionic 880, Electromagnetic devices, etc. but those devices are not the entire answer. Some patients like the BioMat to lay on and claim it helps them.

    My understanding of the Bionic 880 is that Dr. W. created it himself, and yes, you have to keep using it. Some info. I read says it kills the organisms, but I have read information that would give me the same impression as you have. From what I read last night, I do not believe my daughter will benefit from it yet. I think you should do Biofeedback first to see what your daughter's condition is and what supplements will do the kill off and healing.

    One set of herbs that works for many are the NutraMedix herbs (Burbur, Samento, Cumanda, etc). If you want to use those, buy them online and put them on the Biofeedback scale to see if they are compatible with your daughter's body/needs. Read about Samento! It is TOA-free Cats Claw and highly recommended for Lyme. Dr. Lee Cowden's protocal is a favorite of many and uses these herbs.

    Stephan Buhner's Healing Lyme book is also a favorite of some but combines antibiotics and supplements.

    There is the Marshal protocal, the Zhang protocal, and others.... But when it all comes down to it, the Biofeedback will put you where your daughter's body needs to go!!!

    This is a TOUGH battle, but there is hope!!

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    just remember, no treatment is 100% for 100% of patients... just as with abx.

    You may want to check out and do a search there on what others' experiences have been with that particular machine.

    There is also a lyme-and-rife yahoo group that I subscribe to. There is a lot of information there and experience with different rife machines; we bought a B4000 ourselves altho we've had to put off having our son using it, or myself, for various reasons. the 2X he did try it, he definitely had a reaction to lyme frequencies, while my husband had none. I haven't tried it yet.

    Brian Rosner has also written a lot of info about it in a book (10 Top Treatments...) as well as on his blog; there are also youtube videos by various people about it.

    Hope that helps, I'm too exhausted right now to write more, but that should give you a start. Check out the thread at the top, the 'sticky' about all the different protocols etc; I think there are some more specific sites given there.

    all the best,

  8. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    for sharing those resources, which I was going to do next.

    Perrier, I found the Biofeedback brand name, BioMeridian ( You might want to call BioMeridian at 1-888-224-2337 and ask if they have the name of a doctor in your area that uses the machine and can work with a Lyme patient.
  9. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

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  10. Perrier

    Perrier New Member

    Thanks to both of you for the leads, which I will follow up.

    From the promotional lit. it does look like the photon device is effective. I have to say that I am so bewildered why there is not physician or therapist using the /bionic 880 (If it is so good) here in North America; I asked the director of Bionic 880 if there was anyone here; and he said: No, no one has purchased the device or set up a clinic.

    This does perplex me; usually if something is so good, why wouldn't an army of folks go for it. Suffering with CFS/Lyme is a very deep circle of hell; and most of all what I find frightful is how many young people are having their lives destroyed by this.

    Here where In live in Eastern Canada, although this is one of the largest cities in the country, we do not have access to all the alternative resources that you American's have; as it is we went to see Dr. Teitelbaum in 2003 after no one in canada offered anything, except anti-depressants!!! Now we see a doctor at one of the FFC affiliates.

    The thing that I find hard is that this whole journey has to a large extent been a Do It Yourself mission; and we are getting exhausted.

    Renea: is your daughter functional? Does she go to school? My daughter is now in hern 2nd relapse; she was functional from Fall 2007 until Oct. 2008--when she had a major relapse; so at the moment we no longer known what to do to give her relief from what she describes as the : I feel sick feeling. No relief at all, except when we rushed to the US and she had several good IVs, and now we are home a month and the sick feeling is back.

    I think there is some change in the CFS community of physicians, because all of a sudden so many are testing for Borrelia; whereas, when my daughter was tested this was not routine.

    Can anyone here help me with the test results?

    I could type them out, I have the Igenex.

    God Bless and Have Mercy on all the young people who are suffering.
  11. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    Yes it is. I can relate to your exhaustion and how you describe living with this disease!
    It is a huge challenge!

    I did a brief search of the internet to see what is available in Canada. I see one Lyme specialist retired due to stress! Another one is being harrassed to put him out of business.
    I'm sorry to see this trouble going on in Canada as it is here in the U.S. I found a discussion board for Lyme in Canada, and an Alternative Medicine college that includes bioenergetics.

    I assume you are familiar with ILADS?

    In mid-2007 when I found out that my daughter has Lyme, I came home to find a report from FFC, urging patients to get checked for Lyme. I have been told, "don't bother going to FFC because they aren't successful with Lyme yet."

    You might read of Dr. Klinghardt who was formerly from the Black Forest area of Germany where Lyme was a big problem. He is in the U.S.. He has a complicated protocol for Lyme and created his own energy machine called KMT.

    The last article I read about the Bionic 880 mentioned that the Lyme strains in the U.S. can be different than what exists in Germany. Possibly the frequency doesn't work as well for certain strains?

    I have recently met some Lyme patients who are almost recovered (90%) due to going to a clinic in a southern state. This clinic has a professional team and also uses treatments like accupuncture, HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatment), etc. I cannot give this name out on this board but could e-mail it to you if interested. I reviewed the website and talked to them by phone. If the doctor we're seeing now can't take my daughter far enough, I am considering a trip there.

    The LLMD who diagnosed my daughter uses the Teitelbaum protocal. My daughter could not tolerate most medications and even natural supplements! She tried several of the recommendations but they were not tolerated, so we never went back to that doctor. That's when I called a couple clinics out east and ordered Burber, Samento, Cumanda...and those herbs seemed to pave the way to taking more supplements, as tolerated, based on EDS and now Biofeedback testing.

    My daughter has gone through times of being in bed for months, but currently she walks but cannot be active. Her life consists of doing a little personal care, managing a schedule of taking various supplements, and distracting herself from all the symptoms as best she can, sometimes with TV, computer, etc. She's too weak to take a shower and doesn't tolerate a tub bath. Chronic nausea, fatigue, and a severe cirrcadian rhythm disorder (shifting sleep times around the clock over weeks and months), makes it very difficult to plan and get her out for appointments. Occasionally I can get her out to a store or movie, but overall she is very debilitated.

    A year ago, the public health nurse and social worker evaluated and said to me: "this is a full-time Caregiver position for you". I have no predictable hours to be employed outside the home and haven't found time to make an income from home. My ex threatened me to stop doctoring with her and he doesn't believe the diagnosis. What keeps me going is "faith" that as I pursue truth, God is leading me to the answers and her healing, as well as a better future for both of us. At times, I feel "information overload"! I should have earned a degree in alternative medicine by now?!!!! <smile>

  12. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    Dr. J.J. Burrascano Jr. M.D. is highly respected for Lyme and Chronic Fatigue treatment. His guidelines were updated in July 2008. Just wanted to mention him in case you want to search online and review his regimen.
  13. Perrier

    Perrier New Member

    Thanks Renae for all your kind assistance; this journey in life is sure a hard one; so hard that I never dreamed of such a thing when I got married.

    I have an email on yahoo:

    I have heard of Burrascano; my main concern is to avoid antibiotics; I have to find a way to do this first without them; do you know if Burrascano does the alternative route as well?

    I was impressed with him; saw him on youtube talking about Lyme.

    I pray for you and all the folks here who have children who are ill;

    My doctor here in Canada once said to me: parents of sick children I really feel sorry for; they go almost mad seeing their children suffer.

    Life is somehow not normal when your kid is sick and non functional, as my daughter is; you just carry a big heavy weight of sadness around you watching a young person suffer so much. Best regards to you all,
  14. Perrier

    Perrier New Member

    Thanks Renae for all your kind assistance; this journey in life is sure a hard one; so hard that I never dreamed of such a thing when I got married.

    I have an email on yahoo:

    I have heard of Burrascano; my main concern is to avoid antibiotics; I have to find a way to do this first without them; do you know if Burrascano does the alternative route as well?

    I was impressed with him; saw him on youtube talking about Lyme.

    I pray for you and all the folks here who have children who are ill;

    My doctor here in Canada once said to me: parents of sick children I really feel sorry for; they go almost mad seeing their children suffer.

    Life is somehow not normal when your kid is sick and non functional, as my daughter is; you just carry a big heavy weight of sadness around you watching a young person suffer so much. Best regards to you all,
  15. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Perrier,

    You might want to check out the following website:

    It's a blog by a young man (username m0joey) who has posted on the main FM board about his experience with the Bio 880. He's had some pretty remarkable improvements.

    Hi Victoria -- Well, I'm back in Oregon, but am so exhausted from my extended trip I've not yet been able to get started on any kind of Lyme treatment protocol. Tonight is my first time I've even started to read some of the posts here and try to come up with some kind of game plan. I'll be perusing many of your posts as you have posted so much good information over time. Thanks you very much!

    Hi Ranae -- Thank you for your posts on this thread. I enjoyed your writing and learning what you had to share. And I commend for being so devoted to the well-being of your daughter. I was wondering if the southern state location of a clinic you mentioned happens to be the one in Topeka, KS, run by a Dr. Jernigan? I've got his book, and I am inclined toward his non-antibiotic, more natural treatment orientation.

    I think I'll cut and paste a post by m0Joey from the other board below.

    Best, Wayne

    11/23/08 1:46 PM lyme not the end all

    But pursuing it sure changed everything for me. I refuse to get into a debate about the etiology of CFS, because I too believe it is different for everyone, but one unmistakable trend between this forum and lyme forums is that many ppl on lyme forums have improved significantly or recovered completely. In my 3 years on this site, recovery stories were few and far in between.

    The difference between LLMDs and CFS docs in my experience has been an unwillingness to accept that there is no hope for full recovery, only symptom management. I recently went on a trip to Germany to treat lyme with energetic medicine, and I am now cured of lyme, at least according to energetic testing. Whether people believe in that or not, I feel like a new person, and it only took 2.5 weeks of treatment.

    I am now well on my way to recovery, and if there's one msg I wanna send it, it's pursue energetic medicine. It may sound like vudoo when we're shackled to the conceptual boundaries of western traditional medicine, but in Europe, this is the norm. Most pharmacies carry more supplements and homeopathics than pharmaceuticals, and Germans for example, have taken the underpinnings of Eastern med and churned out applications of them using phyisics & quantum physics. This has bred therapies that treat on a level most drugs will never be able to touch (at least w/o ruining our bodies as a cost) and also give at least as much, altho much more in my case, insight about what our underlying problems really are as $$$ lab tests. Even when you see high titers for EBV or HHV-6, none of us know what that exactly means other than"it's a problem." How do you know for certain whether a drug is working? What is a herx and what is simply drug toxicity? How do you know what your #1 problem is? #2, #3? We all assume (and correctly in most cases) that we have a huge pathogenic load, but every one of our bodies has a hierarchy of severity. Energetic medicine can figure it out with the right practitioner.

    It saddens me to see most ppl on this board stay stuck in their ivory towers and wait for govt research, with its bureacracy and conflict of interests, to determine how they go about conceptualizing and treating this disease. I guarantee that if you pursue energetic medicine, you will see most drugs you ever took were rejected by your body. I know mine sure were. No wonder I felt like hell treating EBV with valtrex and lyme & coinfections with zithromax, mepron, bicillin etc. There is a better way, regardless of what anyone, including your doctors, tells you.

    Hi Ranae, thanks so much for so much good information.
  16. Perrier

    Perrier New Member

    thanks Wayne for that post by joey; very much appreciated and I will contact him via his blog; also, sorry Renae for giving you an email which no longer works for some reason: anyhow, here is one that should work:

    I will be speaking to a lady shortly who went to germany; if there is something good to report, I will. all the best to everyone.
  17. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    Thanks, Wayne, for posting the link to the pathogensoup blog. I read that blog late last week and was going to share it with Perrier!

    It is interesting to see how the Bionic works for various people, especially those who have a similar mix of pathogens as we have! I think the key feature of this device is not only the frequency level but the pulsing action is absolutely necessary.

    Thanks, Perrier for posting your e-mail. I would very much appreciate keeping in touch with you on this thread/board and/or via e-mail with hope of recovering our dear daughters!
  18. Renae610

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  19. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    Book or e-book:
    Beating Lyme Disease: Using Alternative Medicine and God-designed Living

    Dr. Sara J. believes in treating with frequencies.

    See Realities of Antibiotics for Lyme Disease by Dr. David Jernigan

  20. Perrier

    Perrier New Member

    As I now searching around for someone to oversee my daughter's desperate situation, is there anyone who might be able to help me out with the following:

    Is Burrascano open to herbal treatments, and other alternative modes? even if these are pulsed with antibiotics perhaps?

    Also, am urgently trying to find Dr. Cowden's location; my GP_ here in Canada asked me to ask Dr. Cowden for his herbal protocol; But I looked on the web and you find all sorts of variants of this; my doctor wants Cowden's office to fax him the protocol and I can't find Cowden's office number.

    Thanks to everyone and God Bless

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