Bio-Terrain Testing

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    Has anyone had this done? My acupuncturist offers this. Saliva & urine are used for this test. The following are evaluated:

    Zinc taste test
    Saliva pH test
    Magnesium/potassium balance
    adrenal stress urine test
    vitamin C urine test
    calcium urine test
    oxidata urine test
    malabsorption urine test
    chemstrip urine test
    enzyme urine test
    urinary electrolytes
    urinary ammonia
    urinary nitrates
    urinary sugars
    thyroid function assessment (iodine absorption test & axillary temperature test)

    I can provide further information about each test if you would like.

    Mine indicate a diet change & some more supplements. We will discuss the thyroid (iodine absorption) at my next visit. I also want to address specifically the adrenal fatigue, since of course that indicated high.

    Has anyone ever done Bio-Terrain testing or something similar? Do you think the results are accurate?

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