Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement

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  1. quilp

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    Has anyone heard of this procedure ?

    'BIM analyses energy at the meridian points, indicating probable areas of imbalance.
    This form of health assessment is based on the research of Dr Reinhold Voll, who established that there is a network of energy channels, called meridians, at specific points throughout the body. By measuring electrical conductibity at these meridian points disturbances in body function can be detected'

    Could this help us ?

    Kind regards Mark
  2. cct

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    Hi Mark,

    I have not heard of this machine that takes the bioelectric measurements.

    However, I do know that ancient Chinese accupuncture is the origination of the concept of bioelectrical meridians in the human body. The accupuncture process is based on the belief that our bodiest can have bioelectical blocks along these meridians which, in turn, can be related to health problems.

    If the accupunctureist sticks a very very thin needle into your body, at the point of the block, and gives the needle a little twirl, you can feel a very small electrical impulse.

    Perhaps Dr. Voll's machine is based on the ancient Chinese medicine of accupuncture.

  3. Honora88

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    You can scan your own body and feel where the blockages are with your mind.

    After doing a chi gong video I became more sensitive to energy and I can scan myself and others pretty well.

    You should try tong ren. All the practitioners can scan people very easily and it's free.
  4. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Quilps,

    You may want to check out the following thread which has a lot of good reading and information on electrodermal screening:

    <a href="">Electrodermal Testing - PLEASE READ IF YOU SUSPECT LYME</a>

    I've long felt there is significant bioelectrical disruption associated with these health syndromes we deal with. I myself do various forms of "energy medicine" therapies such as polarity exercises, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, <a href="">Biocircuits</a>, etc.

    Hi Ktn105 - I've not heard of Tong Ren until I saw your post this morning. I did go online and found a <a href="">5-minute Tong Ren video</a> produced by a FOX news affiliate.

    I'll be looking more into this, and am hoping to hear more about some of the success you've experienced from this modality. Are there are any particular websites you would recommend? Thanks for mentioning it. :)

    Regards, Wayne
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  5. marti_zavala

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    Yes, I love it. I currently do not have a good practioner.

    But, my first appt years ago, I did not share the lab results or any diagnoses and the machine and practioner hit every single one. Including the nuanced Phase I vs Phase II liver function.

    The practioner that I used also tested me for the supplements that I was taking so I learned what my body would accept and use and what my body could not use at that time.

    I recommend it highly but get a referral to a good practioner as their testing methods would make it very useful or just moderately useful.


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