Bioenergy healing: anyone heard about or used it?

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    Hi folks!

    Who here has heard about "bio-energetic work" for healing? Has anyone seen a practitioner or used bio-energetic techniques??

    I recently found out about this genre of alternative healing after having a strange, unexplained abdominal pain (after being healthy and recovered from CFIDS for quite some time). About 6 weeks ago, I woke up early one morning in severe pain, stabbing pain right under my sternum, the pain has morphed into a low grade discomfort with attacks of worse pain after eating. I've been run through tons of tests (ultrasound, CT, upper endoscopy, blood tests galore) but they haven't found any cause for the pain (we ruled out GERD, ulcers, or any problems with my pancreas, liver, stomach, upper intestine or gallbladder). Since nothing in Western medicine has been helpful in the last 6 weeks (vicodin dulls the pain of a bad attack for about 2 hours, but that's about it), I figured it was time to try alternative methods of healing.

    I heard through two different friends about people who do "bio-energetic healing" in my area and have scheduled an appointment and already met with one woman who has a lot of experience healing her severe nerve damage, fibro and other health issues using this method.

    It seems like bio energy work is about balancing your energy in your body and using your mind to calm down the reactions your brain and body makes that causes physical problems. I find it very intriguing.

    I'd love to hear about other people's experiences and thoughts about bio-energetic work!

    ((Some of you might know me from a while ago, you can check out my profile for my health story, the short versions is this: I started getting sick in late 2004, diagnosed myself as having CFIDS Fall of 2005, then thanks to luck, the help of a wonderful nurse practitioner and my hard work, have completely recovered from CFIDS.))
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    Hi Ellikers,

    I've worked with various energy-type healers/practitioners, but I'm not sure it is similar to what you're referring to. For me, it included things like Network Chiropractic, a bit of Reiki, BodyTalk, Cranial Sacral Therapy, etc.

    One tool that I've found to be very effective as far as helping me balance my energies is a device called <a href="">Biocircuits</a>. If you check it out and have some questions about my experiences, I'd be happy to try to answer them. I've even seen a couple of testimonials of women who say they were able to overcome their fibromyalgia using Biocircuits.

    I've long felt that a big component for many of us with these health issues is that we may have a seriously disrupted electrical system. I think whatever we can do that will help restore our electrical balance will improve our health on many levels.

    A friend of mine went to see an energy medicine practitioner named Kim Wedman in Kansas City, MO. He was told by her that he needed an energetic "grid" repaired, which she did in two sessions on two consecutive days. My friend, who is in very good health, said that he noticed after the work that some type of energetic door in his lower back area that he had never been aware and apparently was open, was now closed.

    I know Kim got her training from Donna Eden, who is from Ashland, Oregon where I currently live. I've discovered that she has trained a number of paractitioners in this area, and expect to look into this type of healing in the future.

    It seems to me that these almost intractable DDs we're dealing with have many different components on many different levels. The more we can address our issues from a variety of angles, the better our chances are for long-term improvement.

    Good luck to you as you follow up on this.

    All the Best, Wayne

    P.S. Congratulations on your recovery from CFIDS. That's quite an accomplishment! Good for you that you were able to find a competent nurse practitioner who was able to help you so much.
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    YAY! Waynesrythym! I was so happy to see your reply.

    Yes, what you're mentioning as the types of therapy and healing are inline with what I'm thinking and talking about.

    I'm in Oregon too! And the same same of Donna Eden was mentioned to me as well. She sounds VERY renown for her work. :)

    I'm scheduled to see someone tomorrow in the town where I live, and hopefully that will be a positive experience.

    That story about your friend that felt that an energy gap or opening was closed was amazing. I don't doubt it at all. I think that a lot of what we're all dealing with in the way of stealth infections, chronic pain and fatigue and immune system issues are strongly influenced (if not caused) by energy imbalances and such ....

    And I totally agree that we can't treat these issues in one way, it's a blend, a web of things that work for us, that are necessary for full healing. That's what helped me my "first go round" with unexplained pain so I figure using the same framework and expanding my methods is probably going to give me better results for this issue as well. :)

    Anyway, thanks for your thoughts, insights and reply. I appreciate it. I'll check back here as often as I can.
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    I had a relatively successful experience with bio-energy work. I saw 3 people that used it in various ways:

    (1) a guide/support person who is very knowledgeable about bio-energy and taught me "self-help" techniques like the "zip up" and "manual override", things I can use everyday to calm and ground my body,

    (2) person who does physical therapy (cranial sacral therapy, other gentle manipulations) and bio-energy to pick up on any energy blocks and help ease them and then helps the "patient" learn how to tune in and pick up on their own energy and help it release (I figured out how to do that on my own, pretty cool!),

    (3) person who does only bio-energy work and would move is hands over my body and breathe in an out with his eyes closed (I could feel him affect my energy in the spots I have pain!).

    I found a lot of relief from my belly pain ... the first session with the 2nd person caused a strange release of emotional energy ... about 5-6 hours AFTER the session, I was intensely and irrationally angry at nothing in particular for a couple of hours! It was so spooky, but I think my body opened something up and it just came out. I have never felt that viscerally angry ever in my life.

    The belly pain went away after a couple of sessions with all 3 people (seeing them separately) but then about 3 weeks later, I got a twinge of the pain back, then it hit full force 2 weeks ago (same stabbing pain, violent vomiting, etc) ... I was pretty disappointed to have it come back. :(

    So here is my general take on all this:
    I think various forms of bio-energetic healing and techniques have a big beneficial role, mainly because they help you tune in to your body and not try to block out pain or discomfort but instead to listen to it.

    The self done techniques can also generally increase well-being by helping you recognize energy drains in your life (people, places or activities that set you off balance and therefore cause problem) and support your body in recovering and preventing them from happening.

    I do not think though that these forms by themselves can solve whatever it is in me that is causing the pain and pressure ... my intuitive feeling which seems backed up by research I've been doing leads me to think that there is something structural going on related to my (a) vagus nerve and/or (b) my "small" hiatal hernia (that was found during endoscopy but med specialists insist it couldn't be the cause of my problem).

    Book on all this that I recommend if you are curious want more info is "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden (the woman you mentioned Wayne!)
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    I am glad that you had success with the bioenergy work. I have been thinking about trying that myself.

    I am sorry that your pain came back though :-( I was wondering what all the doctors did to check your gallbladder? Did they do and ultrasound AND a hida scan? Just making sure they did both. The hida scan shows how the gallbladder is actually functioning because if it isn't functioning properly that can cause pain etc as well. I have also heard people here say that they had pain that couldn't be determined and it turned out to be a problem with gluten. Once gluten was cut out their pain resolved.

    Anyhow...just thought I would mention these things just in case the doctors hadn't checked into them yet.

    I hope you can find a solution either through more bioenergy work or your doctors.

    Take Care,
    Pam :)
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    Great Rainbow11! I'm glad you've been having help from bio energy work too. I recommend that book ... have you seen it? It's nice to have a sort of "reference" that other practitioners are using and be able to look at it yourself.

    Thanks pw7575: Actually I have had HIDA scan, ultrasound and a CT scan and they found nothing.

    Here on the boards klutzo reported that medical people missed her gallbladder situation with ALL those scans ... so I'm beginning to believe the patting the head I'm getting that it's "all in my head" or a response to stress is BS. Really, there is something going on, and yes, it's probably exacerbated by stress but not the sole cause.

    Grrr. Makes me frustrated. But thank you for your suggestions! They are RIGHT ON- the exact suggestions that should be made if didn't know what had already been done with/to me. :)

    THE GOOD NEWS: I'm not in pain all the time! Nor have I had another really bad attack in the middle of night. Although it could come back at any moment and that's very disconcerting. But I do still have a regular temp of at least 99.4, so that's not normal.

    Going to see a different naturopathic doctor on tuesday! I'm very motivated to find someone who will look at all this and take it seriously and actually have a SUGGESTION or action to take to fix this unbalance. STAYING POSITIVE!!!!!!
  8. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Ellikers,

    Congratulations on your interesting bioenergy healing experiences. Even though you were only able to get temporary relief, it sounds like you learned some really good things in the process.

    I wanted to get back to you regarding the hiatal hernia possibility. Back when I first heard how common they are, I intuitively felt I had some degree of a hiatal hernia myself. Not knowing a local chiropractor who could do an adjustment, I decided to see what I could do on my own.

    Essentially, I started to do some massaging of my stomach area, and was surprised how tender some spots were. So I began working on this daily, working under my rib cage areas, and anywhere I could detect any sensitivity.

    Over a period of several weeks, I gradually massaged these tender spots more and more deeply. Massaging perhaps 1-2 minutes daily, I was able to eventually work out all of the tender areas, even learning to detect various food sensitivities in the process. I look at this as a both a physical therapy and a type of direct reflexology (energetic) therapy. Wherever you massage, you increase nerve energy.

    I can't say for sure that I had a hiatal hernia, but I can say with certainty that the areas I massaged during that time (I still do regular maintenance) feel better than before I started. In my case, a simple and no-cost approach worked very well for me.

    Best, Wayne
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  9. gapsych

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    Did the nurse practioner diagnose you and consult with your doctor? I do not mean this disrespectfully, but there are very few people who are cured, if any and probably those that are were misdiagnosed.

    Your symptoms could be from any number of illnesses. Does this nurse practioner work for a doctor?

    The problem with self diagnosis is that you may be treating yourself for the wrong thing and what is really wrong gets overlooked.

    As for the bioenergy work, my opinion it is hocus pocus and a waste of money. There is no science to back it up. Don't fall for it.

    If you want your mind to "calm down" I would suggest something like Yoga or meditating.

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    My definition of Yoga and Meditation has nothing to do with bioenergy. Maybe for you, though.

    Can you point me to some studies that show that this works. Antidotal reports do not count.

    I would like to see more information that these hospitals do indeed offer Reiki.

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  11. gapsych

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    I went to the Wilcox Memorial Hospital. The only thing I could find related to it was something called Kafrifi but I think the hospital is in Hawaii.

    There are no scientific tests that show Reiki as effective other than the placebo.

    If you could point me to the studies that show this works, I would be very interesting.

    Now there are some people who feel massage is Reiki. If a hospital is offering massage, that is probably not in the context of Reiki. Neither are methods that can calm you. Yes they can help but it has nothing to do with "energy fields".

    It is a matter of definition.

    I have just found some information on Reiki in a book I am reading. It is quite informative.

    Quatum Physics equals Pseudoscience.

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    First off, I'm not entirely certain what diagnosis you are referring to and telling me I might be misdiagnosed. I think you mean CFIDS, if that is the case, yes I have been diagnosed. It doesn't matter what the diagnosis was, it matters whether the treatment and actions taken helped me or not, and they did. I really actually don't think it matters anymore what one medical person thinks over what I believe to be true. CIFDS describes my symptoms and everything I was going through very well, so I chose to use that label, and yes I do believe that I recovered from CFIDS and I do believe that people can recover from CFIDS (and notice specifically how I say recovered, not cured, because I think health and well-being is a very complicated matter, and those of us that have chronic illnesses have sensitive bodies that might get out of balance and have problems in the future as well, but that doesn't mean I recovered from my CIFDS symptoms and am functional).

    Second, I believe that Nurse Practitioners are just as qualified to diagnose someone as a Doctor- I had a whole list of negative experiences with doctors while trying to get my chronic illness recognized and treated, who didn't help me at all and actually made be feel worse, and the two NPs I saw were the ONLY ones I had positive experiences with and who treated me seriously. My main NP is also a big part of the reason that I am as healthy as I am today. NPs have a lot to offer people and sometimes that something is compassion, sensitivity and indepth understanding that ultimately leads to people actually getting the health care they deserve when doctors have failed them.

    As far as bio-energy work is concerned, I completely disagree with you. You may believe it's hocus pocus, so don't use it. But I think it's pretty surprising how affected I would feel after a session ... I could feel energy moving in me ... and the pain in my abdomen would mildly increase and then ease as they would work and it helped my body balance out for a couple of weeks. I went into the experience very skeptical but was impressed by the caring and intuitive healing that I received. Yes it didn't "cure" my pain, but it helped a lot in ways that Western Medicine completely failed me. The doctors and specialists had ample time to do all their tests and diagnose me, and they gave up (and didn't mean feel the smallest bit better). The bio-energy techniques I learned to

    Again, I do try new things when I'm facing a challenge and I do what works for me. And you can do what works for you. Please don't insult my feelings or my opinions about my own health by telling me "not fall for it" ... I am capable of making such decisions by myself thanks, I've been a grown up for many years.

    As for "calming my mind" that is not why I turned to bio-energy work, but the techniques I used to deal with my reactive body are extremely effective and valuable, and I'm glad I was taught them. I actually practice yoga and meditate regularly. The bio-energy perspective and techniques I was taught have a lot in common with yoga principles (working with chakras, energy centers of the body and connecting body to mind). I think it's a wonderful compliment to the things I already do in my life.

  13. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    It seems research is currently growing into the efficacy of Reiki and other forms of bio-energetic healing. Yes, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence, just as is the case with any form of therapy or treatment that starting getting more serious attention from the medical community.

    Couple articles I came across using a quick search:

    Reiki as a Clinical Intervention in Oncology Nursing Practice

    Personal Interaction with a Reiki Practitioner Decreases Noise-Induced Microvascular Damage in an Animal Model

    Improving quality of life using compound mind-body therapies: evaluation of a course intervention with body movement and breath therapy, guided imagery, chakra experiencing and mindfulness meditation

    Understanding the Human Biofield and its Role in Whole Person Healing

    Stress and Human Spirituality 2000: At the Cross Roads of Physics and Metaphysics

    Energy-Based Modalities

    Radiogenic metabolism: an alternative cellular energy source

    Energy Medicine: Information and Research Resources on the Web

    I have access to scholarly databases (that universities use) so these articles may not be visible to people without that access- sorry it's a way scientific journals make money so they aren't available online for free all too often.
  14. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    Thanks for your words rainbow11! Funny you should mention the idea of me becoming a healer ... I actually am working on applying to nursing graduate school at the moment so that I can go to school (hopefully) to become a nurse practitioner. :) And I plan on bringing all my hard won experiences through these illness endeavors to my care of future people, including keeping a beautifully open mind to all the forms of healing out there, alternative and traditional.

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Can be wonderful. I'm willing to try new things if they pass my "Chicken Soup" test: They might help and won't hurt.

    I've used both traditional medicine and alternative methods in my healing and they have worked well together.

    BTW, I can see energy fields around people and objects. I don't see the colored auras that some do but I definitely can see energy fields. If I hold my hand up, I can actually see the energy streaming from my fingertips.

    We are beings of energy and it only makes sense that we feel better when our energy can flow as intended. Disruptions in that flow can make us feel sick. Therapies intended to remove blocks to energy flow can be very effective.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks, it's good to be back. I just couldn't live without my internet connection. The wi-fi at the library isn't very good and, of course, isn't secure. I weathered Gustav just fine and it appears Hannah will head up to the Carolinas. Ike worries me, though. It's a Cat 4 and preliminary projected paths show it heading right up the middle of FL. Oy!

    It's interesting you mention feeling colors. Music makes me "feel" colors in motion. There are people who "taste" colors. It's a strange thing in some people's minds that they are wired to receive sensory input in different ways. How interesting our brains are.

    Once in a blue moon, I will see a yellow tint to a person's energy field if he or she is energetic or animated or excited about something. Also, every now and then, I may see a slight blue/violet tint. Still, I don't consider that the same as those who can see colored auras. My daughter can sometimes do this. Most of the time, the energy I see is like white light. Now and then, though, it can be dark. It doesn't have to be in person. I can see them around people on TV. John McCain was deplaning on TV the other day and there was a large dark energy field around him. Don't know what it means.

    Love, Mikie
  17. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    Wow, I'm so impressed you can see energy like that Mikie! I can pick up on people's energies very easily (and tend get sucked into a negative hole of stress, etc if someone is feeling particularly strongly) and I have to be careful to not get overloaded.

    I bet if I continue honing my energy "skills" and I can protect my own energy better over time I might become even more sensitive to other people's fields ...

    I can usually get a good or bad feeling about someone VERY quickly ... and times that I've fought against that intuitive hunch, I've been proven right over time.I think it's all connected ... it's all picking up on things that are unseen. Behaviors and feelings people have probably have an energy imprint so to speak.

    Anyone else had similar experiences?
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I think that we are all beings of light/energy and that everything in our Universe is energy in one form or another. We are all connected and as you have seen, you can feel the energy coming off others. Most New Age spiritual leaders are now talking about using meditation to enter this field of energy where everything is manifested.

    Have you ever felt that you communicated on a spiritual level with another without having to say a word? This once happened to me with a stranger and she looked as shocked as I felt when it happened. It was such a strong experience. My ex and I used to do this all the time. Sometimes, I think it's just a matter of "tuning in."

    Love, Mikie
  19. ellikers

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    Just another update ...

    Bioenergy work and physical therapy (craniosacral) has helped ... my belly pain hasn't had another bad attack in a couple weeks. :)

    One practitioner also noticed that I'm still carrying a lot of tension in my neck and upper back muscles (took FOREVER to get them to let go in a session). Also noticed my leg was rotated out and was somewhat locked at the knee and hip. Oh my silly body.

    So thanks to these practitioners, I'm actually getting some good help and starting to figure out what else is going on with my body. I've learned how to release tension in my belly and other places uses the bioenergy techniques (I can't release it when it's a BAD attack, but lowgrade). Which is exciting.

    Like namely I think I'm having more fibro symptoms and not CFIDS this time around (thanks to massive stress in my life).
  20. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    After having a pretty successful experience with bio-energy work with a "guide" and two different practitioners, I followed it up with help from a PT this year. I went to see her for a different reason, but ended up having her (who I've seen before for other muscles issues and I think she has a great holistic and complementary approach to healing) figure out what had been causing my unexplained belly pain!!

    Turns out I had trigger points in my abdominal rectus muscle (the long wide one that runs from your pubic bone to your ribcage). My abs weren't tight in a way that made them strong and healthy but were contracted in a way that causes pain when nerves are pressed and tissues around that area are inflamed.

    She was able to do trigger point release (using her hands to press on the trigger points in a way to get them to let go) and taught me stretches and exercises to do at home to prevent pain from coming back. It helped IMMENSELY! My treatment from her continued the benefit I was getting from bio-energy work (where there was also cranial sacral therapy which I bet was easing the tension in several of the key trigger points I have).

    I really want to share this experience with more people because I gained so much from finally understanding what was going on with my body. From research I've been doing on myofascial pain (caused by trigger points) and what's called "chronic myofascial pain" CMP I think this all has a TON to do with fibro and CFIDS pain. This started in me through the first year of my illness and then has been recurrent even with the massive reduction in the rest of my symptoms ... I've noticed these flares happen with the change into fall and winter when the weather gets cold (cold does NOT help!) and with STRESS (even subconscious, what I'm not even aware is having that bad of an impact on me).

    For more info on trigger points:
    Website with lots of info- related to a GREAT book about trigger points:"&gt;
    Explanation of trigger points:

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