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  1. leahc

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    has anyone tried this for pain? my pain yesterday was the worst it has been.
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    I have not tried biofeedback and have looked into it for myself. I did not find it, but did find try acupuncture and that worked beautifully for me.

    Perhaps you know of nerve block injections. I do not know much about it, but my neurologist does offer it.

    I know this is not much help and does not really answer your question, but just so you know: from what I have read of biofeedback I did not think it would work. IMHO.

    Acupuncture was wonderful though.

    Feel better,

  3. victoria

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    my DH was a psychologist for 20 years, he worked with many people with chronic pain using hypnosis combined with biofeedback to put people into deep states and dissociate pain... so yes it can help IF you get a good practitioner. From what I've seen that is a big IF tho.

    Acupuncture and nerve blocks also can really help; but again, you need a good practitioner...

    all the best,

  4. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    I did, from a book called "Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired". My friend had to bug me for over a year to read it too, but when I finally did it revolutionized my life and I feel the techniques of deep breathing, positive visualization and biofeedback really helped the turnaround and partial recovery I got.

  5. victoria

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    where did you buy your thermal unit and how much was it? I've been looking for one myself, there's a bunch, wondering how sensitive yours is?

  6. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    They recommend you tape a thermometer to your finger so you can see your progress in elevating your own body temp, but I never needed that. I was so acutely ill att that my hands were painfully frozen so often that I KNEW darn well when my hands were warming, and the biofeedback was the only thing that would warm them. I'd actually get that almost pleasant burn you get when you really freeze your hands in winter and then come back inside.

    I'll have to explain it later, I need my walk while the sun is still shining.

  7. HurtsToMove

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    The "thermal unit" you asked about is just a "stress thermometer" which you can buy online for $20, just google it. Most have a switch that you can set for "body" or "room temp", and a sensor that you tape to your middle finger of the hand you don't write with.

    It's very easy to teach yourself proper breathing and relaxation techniques, which will in turn raise your body temperature.

    I've done the training. However, I don't feel it helped my pain levels at all.
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    I learned a form of this years ago and still practice some of the princiles without knowing it. I learned from a book my doctor recommended for stress (20 yrs ago). The book is called "The Relaxation Principle". It's a short, easy to read paperback. Thanks for the reminder, I was wonder what I was going to read this weekend. Good Luck it certainly won't effect you negatively.

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  9. victoria

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    I'm just spoiled as we had really good equipment... it was really helpful to know exactly when the warming started, as when it is really sensitive you'll know before you actually feel the warmth;

    (believe it or not, our original equipment was sensitive to 1/100th of a degree, really!)

    But of course meditation , self-hypnosis, or anything that puts you in an altered state/deep relaxation will work.

    Relaxation Principle was written by Herbert Benson, he basically outlined what Transcendental Meditation (TM) was all about, and all for the cost of a book or borrowing it from your library; the book was a WHOLE lot cheaper than the "training" & 'initiation' into TM, which amounted to a religious ceremony.

    I know because I did go thru TM training in the early 1970s. Funniest thing was sitting in the lecture after we'd all been individually 'initiated' - during which an instructor gives you a mantra and shows you how to meditate. They say the mantra is especially picked out especially for you and SO special it should never be spoken aloud as it would take away from its 'power';

    Well that evening I heard one guy behind me say to his friend, "I'll tell you my mantra if you tell me yours..." He did, & the friend said his was the same - well, so was mine! Later met a person who also had the very same mantra. I later read they have about 30 or so.

    Don't mean to step on any toes here, as I know meditation really works well; but the way TM marketed it all (and still does) was a bit wild...imho.

    BTW, Herbert Benson is part of an organization and has a website,

    all the best,

  10. jake123

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    My MIL would come to visit and tell me how she did TM and she would get in the most comfortable chair and hum and after 2-3 minutes, she would start snoring!
  11. victoria

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    maybe she learned a long time after me? Cuz I never knew anyone to hum.... an old friend of mine actually became a teacher of TM in the 70s...

    AND you're not supposed to sit in the most comfortable chair or lie in bed for that very reason - just a plain chair.

    I DO have a funny story about TM tho - my friend and her husband used to practice it. They had a VW van back then... they'd parked in the lot at a shopping mall and decided to meditate before going in to shop.

    When they opened their eyes, there was a crowd gathered, plus a couple of police cars....!!!!!

    Somebody had reported there were 2 dead people in a van!

    YES this is a true story LOL!

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