biofeedback at home?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bpmwriter, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. bpmwriter

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    has anyone purchased a biofeedback system/software for use at home? i'm very interested in biofeedback but don't think i can commit myself to the cost of ongoing sessions. for those who have experience with both, i'm wondering if biodfeedback at home can be as effective as sessions with a professional? if so, what's the name of the product and how much was it??

    time to retrain those brain waves!
  2. victoria

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    I know there are all kinds of units available at home now for relatively little expense --at least compared to what they used to cost). It seems like I mostly see GSRs tho, not EEG type stuff or even thermal sensors.

    What I'd really like to know is what the techniques are for neurofeedback and if it's home-affordable re the equipment, myself!

  3. PVLady

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    I just purchased a biofeedback machine called "Stress Eraser" - It was $399. but I feel it will help me.

    You put your finger in the machine and it monitors brainwave activity and guides you to do the correct breathing to alleviate stress, calm your mind, relax the body, etc.

    The company has a website if you do a web search.
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    This is different from the biofeedback. Really have to do the brain "map" first to establish which part of your brain needs to be stimulated, or is overloaded.

    Mine shows that my frontal lobe (alpha waves) are way overloaded so my therapist is slowly working on that first. Then you have to address your "deficiences", so it's really pretty complicated.

    Too bad, as I would love to do it at home. But I'm just not educated enough, and know if I put the plug in the wrong place I could screw myself up even more.

    Maybe when this technology catches on more, it'll be more friendly-user.

  5. caroleye

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    If you're looking for "pain" relief vs adjusting brain chemicals, etc., there's a machine that my therapist uses on me that works.

    It's called a "Photonic stimulator", and is light therapy. Just found out my husband's chiropractor uses it on alot of athletes. He went for one session & it cleared up a month long elbow pain.

    If you google it, they list the practitioners.

  6. deliarose

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    you might want to check out a company called SiberImaging in Charlotte, N.Carolina.

    They do this..and they say they can train u in a week and send u back home with a machine....and u can do it yourself.

    I haven't tried it, though.

  7. caroleye

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    Eddie..........I'm looking into the above. "The" book highly recommends it for balancing the brain waves, and he even explains how to use it.

    Sounds really simple. "cranial electrical stimulator"

    Let me know what you find out, and I'll do the same.

  8. caroleye

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    Cerebrex has one for $240.