worked as regards relieving my rib pain.

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  1. id just like to tell you about a free sample i recieved a few month ago with my dissability now the uk.
    i havent been and bought any myself yet but i most certainly will be doing as it relieved the rib cage pain for a while.i hope it wont be expensive though.
    well its a blue gel and its called BIOFREEZE
    ill write down what it says about this gel,it also eased that face pain that i get quite often.


    provides fast acting pain relief from..arthritis,sore muscles and joints,backache
    cryotherapy ---the cold method
    greeseless.stainless.vanishing scent

    anyway i looked at this small packet of gel and i thought oohh ill give it a go,cross my fingers and pray it actually says on the packet that its made in the usa,i hope i can purchase it here in the uk.

    anyway i rubbed some of this gel onto my ribcage.the gel started to give a feeling of gentle heat and within 20 mins the rib cage muscle pain that id been suffering from for 2 weeks just dissapeared i was amazed.the next day i rubbed a small amount of the gel on my face,near the jaw and the pain went away is only a temporary relief of muscle aches and pains,but im totally satisfied with it.its a miracle gel in my books.
    if anyone in the uk manages to purchase BIOFREEZE will you let me know how much it cost saving up already.

    fran xx
  2. pumpkinpatch

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    I live in Canada and you can get at the rehabilitation store.

    I buy the roll-on kind. works great especially on my stiff, sore neck.

    It's great stuff BIOFREEZE
  3. schaken

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    Hi Fran,
    I got that stuff about a year ago at an arthritis walk.

    It works great.

    In the US I used to get it at my local pharmacy. Now you can only buy through a physical or occupation therapist. You can also buy at a hospital pharmacy. Or go to biofreeze on0line. It's not horribly expensive.

    Glad it works for you. Hope you can find it in the UK.

  4. leubie

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    HEY YALL!!! I live in Georgia--and recently bought Bio-Freeze from mt Nuerologists office.IT WORKS GREAT!!!Has a menthol(spelling???) smell at first but then vanishes. Maybe the smell is euliciltis??????Anyways the stuff works GREAT!!!! You have to get it from a health care provider. If any of you want the adress to get some-ill look up that info for yall-guess yall will have to email me.---[email address removed as per rules] TALK TO YALL SOON--LOVE ALL LAURA
  5. thanks so much for replying to my post,and many thanks for telling me were i can purchase BIOFREEZE,im amazed that it worked to relieve my pain,isnt it fantastic when we find something that really works.

    love to all
    fran xx
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    I too have rib pain that at times can be so bad. My doc thinks I have this thing called Costocondritis. Have you ever heard of it? I am glad you posted about that biofreeze I am going to try to find some and try it...
  7. achy

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    If you have a medicine shop close by you go try their generic version of Biofreeze. It has the identical ingredients and is half the price, about $5.00

    Finally, a generic that works as good as the original!!
    \warm fuzzies
  8. hi all,i just thought id let you know that i am able to buy BIOFREEZE PAIN RELIEVING GEL from my chemist in the uk.a tube of the gel costs £8.95p. i went to my doctor as ive hurt my back,ive torn a ligament,i asked if i can get biofreeze on perscription and told her it works so well at relieving the ribcage pain and so wanted some for my injured buttock..sadly biofreeze isnt available on perscription.
    the chemist doesnt stock biofreeze but the great news is...they have ordered one for well happy.they also have biofreeze as a roll on as well as the tube of gel.and according to biofeeze website they are also going to make it available as a spray very soon.

    take care all
    love fran xx
  9. chickabee

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    Love Biofreeze..physical therapist gave me some samples of it. It works great. nanc
  10. stinker56

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    I got biofreeze from my chiropractor. It helped my back and knees so much. Now my husband who has sciatica pain, uses it on his hip. It really works!
  11. doctor told me i have torn a ligament,the pain has been intense,i honestly couldnt walk at all because of the pain in my buttock.its going to take 3 weeks to heal itself so the doctor tells me.but ive now got my biofreeze pain relieving gel,applied it to my painful area,and as god is my judge within 10 mins the pain has subsided.isnt that just taking anti inflamatory pills too,they eased the pain but not for long,however the biofreeze is fantastic.thank goodness ive found something that makes the pain go away.

    kind regards
    fran xx
  12. Cromwell

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    and thanks I will try it.
    Love Anne C

    Re costochondritis. It can give severe pain and is inflamed cartiledge pressing on the chest muscles I think. Can make you hyperventilate too.
  13. tngirl

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    It's available at the local pharmacy here. I haven't tried the roll on, but I will when my tube is empty.
  14. kfrankstx

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    I have ben sufffering w/rib type pain on my right side for ages & have had sonograms for gallbladde & liver disease. Thanks for finally putting a name (maybe) on my pain. Maybe, I won't feel so crazy. You guys are the best!

    I have 2 samples of biofreeze sitting on my counter right now. I tought it was like BenGay but will try it right away. Will even give some to my son who has a herniated disk!

    Thanks a bunch,
  15. Cromwell

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    Anyone know I looked but could not find it . GNC maybe?
    Love Anne C
  16. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Can anyone compare the effectiveness who'se used both or all three?

    I'm fairly happy w/ Traumeel cream, and just as overjoyed w/ results from arnica gel as you are w/ biofreeze. Haven't tried biofreeze myself yet.

  17. Dee50

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    Biofreeze doesn't help me. The smell makes me ill and next I get very cold chills but no relief from pain. Ben Gay does help me if I can get through the smell.
  18. lakeredy

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    I have been using biofreeze for a year now and it works great. I have the gel in the tube and the roll on kind. I was almost out the other day so I asked my hubby to go by the dr office and get me some more. He bought me 2 tubes of the gel and 2 bottles of the roll on. Do you think he thinks I'm better to get along with using this stuff????? (lol)
    You all have a great day,
  19. mjgkennedy

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    I have been using it now for about two years and wouldnt be
    without it.

    It has helped a lot with the terrible muscle and rib soreness after the flu as I was coughing and pulled all my muscles and my ribs. I use it every day and also put it on my Jaw as I suffer from TMJ.

  20. just wanted to tell you..i made the mistake of putting biofreeze on my rib cage as soon as id got dried from having a warm shower eeekkk my body was like on fire,so painful.. my goodness i thought id add to this post..DONT APPLY YOUR BIOFREEZE TO JUST WASHED SKIN,IT FEELS LIKE YOU ARE ON FIRE.
    other than that im so happy with this this rate i might be able to get a part time job.isnt it great that we have found some control over our pain,im now happy to report that i can get release from my rib/spine and face pain.oohh and ive noticed im now feeling tired at this horrible pain was making me have un restoritive sleep .and the more natural tiredness is coming back,instead of me having to listen to relaxation hanging onto my tapes though,just incase i cant sleep due to family stress factors.
    many thanks for replying to my post all.

    i found that when i applied the biofreeze to my painful area,the pain subsided for 5 hours,isnt that fantastic,then i re apply the gel.

    kind regards
    fran xx