bioidentical hormone replacment...need info

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  1. halo52208

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    Can anyone tell me about this hormone replacement therapy?

    I need something as I am not on anything right now. I was taken off Premarin few years ago and am tired of the hot flashes.

    Need help please.

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    Premarin is made from pregnant horses' urine. Thus, it's really not very good for humans. It has horse hormones in it. Premarin was used in the big study a few years ago which showed the dangers of hormone replacement therapy.

    bioidentical hormones, on the other hand, are made from plants and are identical to the hormones humans produce. So many people, including myself, believe they are much safer than Premarin and synthetic hormones.

    You can get bioidentical hormones in different forms. There are cream-based forms which are made up by compounding pharmacies. Also, in pill form, there is Estradiol (natural estrogen) and Prometrium (natural progesterone). Many doctors prefer the cream form because it doesn't have to pass through your liver.

    Generally, if you have a uterus (that always sounds funny to me, but that's what they ask you), you need to take both progesterone and estrogen to help prevent breast cancer.

    I suggest you do some on-line reserach, read up on this, and then tell your doctor what you want. A few years ago a doctor wanted to give me Premarin and he swore it was safe, said he'd give it to his own wife, etc. and I took it briefly and then stopped. I just didn't like the idea of taking pregnant horses' hormones. So I told him I wanted the natural hormones and he reluctantly agreed to give the prescription for it. But I had to educate him. So you may not be able to rely on your doctor to find out what's best for you.

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    I will check that out. I've had a total hysterectomy so I don't need to worry about a uterus.

    Thank you, you have been a great help.

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    I will check the book out.

    Have a good night.