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    For those that want the condensed version, here it is (below) from the article, it has the heading "THE GIST".

    Great article Mikie! I truly believe, after 10 years of reading and research:eek::), that they will find the gut is the core issue. This is a quote from below-"Gut studies are also underway to determine if the microflora problems found in ME/CFS are a result of the illness or a central cause of it".

    Dr. Ian Lipkin, one of the leaders in cfs research, and currently gathering funds for "The microbiome discovery project",believes "that immune activation may be responsible for driving the symptoms associated with ME/CFS. And that the immune activation could itself be triggered by bugs, not in the blood, but found in the vast ecosystem of bacteria, viruses and fungi, that constitute the gut microbiome." LINK

    This is a quote from Chris Armstrong, another leader in cfs research, he recently finished a study on mitochondrial function and cfs. He found that there is a block/dysfunction in an enzyme in the mitochondria that prevents people with cfs from properly making ATP (energy) from sugar, the bodies main source of energy. "Bacteremia" is when toxins from bacteria in the gut, leak into the bloodstream. We all experience this, usually in very tiny amounts. Here is the quote from Chris-

    "Well we all experience a bacteremia when we exercise. The type of bacteria that enter your bloodstream are usually quite controllable by your immune system but if your gut is further compromised they may release more bacteria into your blood or more pathogenic species or your immune system may already be depleted. This is the concept for the chronic sepsis or SIRS and this is what I think may be behind PEM." LINK

    The Gist
    • Immunosignatures have been used to produce highly accurate diagnostic markers in several diseases

    • The NCBR’s results suggested the immune systems of ME/CFS patients were highly different from those healthy controls

    • Antibodies found in ME/CFS patients’ serum reacted to two different types of peptides: those associated with humans (suggesting an autoimmune process may be away) and those associated with pathogens

    • The antibodies also appeared to be reacting to an amino acid pattern found in many of the peptides highlighted in the ME/CFS patients

    • That finding suggested that a core immune process may have been found

    • Future work will attempt to validate the finding

    • Gut studies are also underway to determine if the microflora problems found in ME/CFS are a result of the illness or a central cause of it. LINK
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    It certainly is starting to sound more hopeful that medical science will finally figure out what CFS/ME is. And with any luck they will be able to figure out how to treat it.
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