Bioperine (black pepper extract) & SSRI/ SRNI's

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    I've had a downturn on my health this last year and have stumbled across something I wonder which could be (even partly) to blame. I've noticed 2 of my supplements now contain something for absorption called 'Bioprenine' (a total of 8-13mg/ day) depending how much co enzyme q10 I take.
    I'm also on a antidepressant called Venlaflaxine and I've read the 2 shouldn't be taken together as the bioprenine blocks the CYP450 enzyme that breaks the medication down. You can get too high level of the antidepressant/ more side effects apparently if you mix the 2.
    I'm just wondering if a higher concentration of that and other medication could've contributed to my downturn. I recently took 3 weeks of Curcumin (another CYP450 inhibitor) and felt even worse which got me investigating.

    The manufacturer of the supplement involved is being very vague/ unhelpful as to whether it is more that a year or less than a year that that was added to the formula. I've tended to take the same COQ10 for years and hadn't noticed there had been an addition of the bioperine to the formula.

    Does anyone else have experience of this?

    I don't want to have a rebound depression either as coming off the bioprene will in effect lower the dose of my antidepressant? My depression has been bad this last week anyway and can't bear the though of it getting worse :(

    Any experience/ help / opinions anyone has I will be most grateful for :)
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    I have learned over the years I am extremely sensitive to p450 system and have hard time breaking down stuff, it sounds like you are on to something

    I have decided to stop taking a lot of supplement because they make me feel worse and probably for reasons like that, see if you can find a cleaner brand

    I got a test by Genelex that tells you what your cytochrome sensitivities are for example I have hard time with stuff that is broken down thru CYPD26--most antidepressants and many meds use that pathway so no wonder they were all a bust for me....besides the fact ME isn't about depression, (altho some ssris have antiviral effects some studys imply)

    I was surprised to learn that quercetin can mess up the breakdown of other meds, lots of things interact and they don't know the half of it it hasnt been studied
    Thats why I think we have to listen to our bodies because they do not have time to doubleblind studies on every possible chemical interaction
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    hey I am curious where did you learn about the interaction about bioprenine ?

    also i reread your post and was reminded yr on an antidepressant, want to add my post isnt a swipe at you when I pontificated about ssri's....I think helping brain chemistry can potentially help something that might be viral like m.e., I am just bitter because doesnt work for me and thats the first thing docs want to push on you....20 years of that battle, tired of it
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    ..... Don't worry, I didn't take it like that about the SSRI's, don't worry! I knew where you were coming from as a) I had them pushed on me over many years to 'cure my ME' ... Did diddly squat for my ME, but I do have clinical depression as separate almost and have a strong family history of it and the SSRI's do help on that front. I only get the odd bout now .... But as I say ME unchanged by ridding the depression. I also tried so many to find one I could tolerate ... The one I'm on was the last of MANY. had horrendous effects with a lot of them.

    I wondered about having that gene test (are you in the UK by any chance) as I'm bad with perfumes, chemicals and most meds.

    I stumbled across the quercitin, reservatrol, curcumin, bioprine, cyp450 thing here;

    .... But if you put say 'quercitin cyp450' or 'cyp450 inhibitors' in Google you should have quite a bit come up.

    Kind regards,
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    good :)

    I found the genelex test helpful, but irritated because primary doc discounts it, dont totally understand why sigh
    just can't win for losing
    but anyway I am glad to know

    thanks for link very interesting

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