Biotin -for neuropathy,skin and hair loss

Discussion in 'multiplesclerosis' started by daylight, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. daylight

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    Love this stuff. Also is good for temporary relief of fatigue. I've been taking it for 2 weeks now in hopes that it will keep my hair from falling out . So far it is falling out less. I take 5000mcgs a day in the morning. It has helped me a little with fatigue (a little that is) . It also supposed to help with metabolism .
    I also take folic acid for hair loss.
  2. herbqueen

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    Daylight-I also lose alot of hair- I think it is a symptom of the overall health issue- I have MS type progression with no MS diagnosis.

    I went on Dr. Wahl's diet- striving for the goal of 9cups of raw veggies/fruits ( I go light on the fruits) /day. And since I've been doing that (2 months now)- my hair has stopped falling out and skin is much improved. i take this as a sign that my body is getting something it needs. I'm also gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar, low sat fat and striving to be legume free . Dr. Wahls' recommends 3 cups of cruciferous , 3 sulfur foods, 3 brightly veggies- she eats no grains, no diary-- pretty much raw diet, plus bone broth , and 2-4 oz lean meat/day. The only stories i see of recovery with MS are those who did some type of diet similar to this or major diet change- it may not work for everyone but lots of hopeful stories out there. See Dr. Wahls story, also the MS recovery diet book , swank and others. I think the raw component is helping me-- will see where I'm at in 6 months.
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    I've tried it but it seems to keep me from sleeping. This is strange because I read that it is used to improve sleep.

    Love, Mikie