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    I was diagnosed with clinical depression 3 years ago, but have actually been suffering with it for about 12 years off and on. I finally went to the Doctor 3 years ago and he put me on Prozac. I took it for about a year, and then stopped on my own. I did okay without it, but the past year, have had a lot of mood swings. I still have the depression, but now have even more emotions. Mostly feeling irritable and angry, yelling a lot. This would usually be followed by crying and feeling depressed and unmotivated. Feeling anti-social. Then after a few hours, I would feel okay, even happy. I have seen a lot about Bipolar disorder on TV and in articles. I was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with this. I was laid off, so don't have my medical insurance any longer, but am looking into going to a clinic that can help me.
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    Dear Jolyn,
    I have all your exact same symptoms - irritable, angry, yelling - then later the same day I may feel energetic and euphoric and talk non-stop. I can easily go 3 days and nights with no sleep and no nap without even feeling tired, so I take Ambien to sleep. I was misdiagnosed as depressed for years till I read about the symptoms of Bipolar, told my current doctor of my symptoms, and finally got the correct diagnosis. I refuse to take Lithium because of side effects such as severe weight gain, liver damage, drooling, and mental fuzziness that 4 of my bipolar relatives have experienced while taking this drug. Because of the weight gain, 2 of my cousins now have elevated cholesterol and insulin resistence (a precurser to diabetes). Depakote and Neurontin were not helpful for my hypo-manic moods, so I take Xanax which calms me down some.
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    I have Bi-Polar and the best thing I can tell you is to keep an emtions diary everytime you experience a switch in moods. Also record the intensity of the emotions. It is helpful if you write down when you last ate and what you ate. Do this for about 2 weeks.

    It was most instrumental to the dr. who dx'd me. He said he wished everyone would do that. On the average, a person suffers with Bi-Polar for 15-20 yrs. before being correctly dx'd. This is because there are other illnesses that can mimic Bi-Polar.

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    I was misdiagnosed for years before they found I was bipolar. The worst thing for me is what they call rapid-cycling. That is where I am happy/sad/mad/antisocial/happy again all in one day!! Mostly though you go through one emotion for awhile and then another. I take Neurontin for my mood stabilizer, Prozac and Wellbutrin for my bipolar disorder, and Xanax XR for my anxiety disorder. I would suggest you find a psychiatrist and/or therapist to talk to and get started. It took a while and many hits and misses on meds before I got a combo that worked! Don't give up and don't get discouraged if you don't get the correct diagnosis and medications right away. Each person is different on what they respond to. Also if you are anything like I was at the time this really started to manifest itself, apply for disability now. It sometimes takes a couple of tries. I guess I was lucky? to get it on the first try. Good luck and hang in there. Cay
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    My sister is Bipolar. I sometimes feel I have it. I can start out happy one minute and be oh so sad another. I was on Neurontin just to sleep. I thought it was for the pain in my leg!!. Did the MD prescribe it for my racing thoughts???...Whats next..:-(
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    Hi Jolyn, I am a certified manic-depressive (bi-polar). I was Ill for many years and was only seen during severe depressions. therefore was diagnosed as chronic depressive.Finally I found a Psychiatrist who stayed with me past the suicide phase/depression, and got to know the real me. The one who was quite happy much of the time, very frequently to "Happy" this is called manic-phase, I spent money I did not have, gambled, forgot to pay bills, my house became filthy, and then I would crash!!! I occasionally have cyclying ( that's spelled wrong,oH well) Also called yo-yo-ing. Happy,Sad,Happy,Sad very quickly and then a crash. I am in much better shape now and to this day he is my Hero. I am not completely controlled, but my life is managable. You need a good shrink who isn't in a hurry, good Luck CL

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    I struggled many years with depression knowing that tomorrow always changes. I had a hard time coping with the rage of my bipolar. I always wanted to control it but it was like a bug crawling in my system that I had to blow to get rid of it.

    Some of my doctors have been surprised at my strength and coping skills. I think coping skills are important,the right rapport with your doctor(s), and meds. I must not forget to mention the strong support of family and friends.

    I had hormonal imbalances. (Thank goodness for the complete surgery because birth control only made me more crazy.) I have been diagnosed bipolar, obssessive-compulsive, disociative, and FM.

    I always laugh when I make a big faux paux and tell my husband out of all the pain, meds, and inconveniences I miss my mind the most. I have lost my job, the bank took away my checkbook, but I still have my freedom and driver's license.

    All I can say is don't give up. When I was at the end of my rope God finally sent me the help I needed. I thought I would die first, but I haven't. I have learned to read with comprehension again and I now help balance my checkbook. Sometimes some people have to slow down and give me instructions like I'm a child, but it is better than the alternative.

    Good luck and keep the faith!